Shadow Jago Missing

Hey, I bought Shadow Jago and after the new patch it says I have to buy him again. I have just waited to see what would happen. Any fix for this? Thanks

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Did you go to your “ready to install” list and reinstall him?

Where is the “ready to install” list located?

Wait, are you on PC or Xbox? I totally forgot that PC was a thing for a second…

If you’re on Xbox go to your games and scroll all the way to the right and you’ll come across a list of games that are ready to install if you have any, however what you’ll want to do is highlight KI’s icon and press start or whatever they call it on Xbox One

Oh I apologize, I am on the PC :o

I’m not sure where it is on PC but I would think there would be a spot in your apps section that has your library. D:

im having the same problem. I went to the app update section but nothing is there. I bought Shago too and right now I have to rebuy him.

unless im mistaken, to check the updates section you need to go to:

Start–>Click Store–>Click user Icon in top right, next to the search bar–>click downloads and updates–>Click Blue check for Updates bar.

Can someone from the KI dev reply? A couple of people on the Killer Instinct subreddit have been scratching our heads and no ones really said anything on these forums.

did you get it fixed?

Still waiting -_____-. I have no idea what the heck to do.

I bought the Shadow Jago package to get the Original Jago and 1500 KI Gold bundled.

Since Shadow Jago has gone missing, (it says I haven’t even purchased him) Original Jago is missing as well.

It’s been days and days now, I can’t select Original Jago who I really, really, really want to play with.

This is like starvation!

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Seriously! :frowning: what in the world is this.

Same here. The other characters are there and so is the gold from the shadow jago bundle. What the hell?!

Well, i’m pretty sure that the developers are aware of this issue, so I will stop being annoying and just sit tight and wait.

same to me.
Purchased Shadow jago at day1 (only him) and after the latest patch is it unselectable (if i try to " repurchase" the game stuck!)

I had to buy JAGO, to play…
Please fix it, beacause i wnat to play with Shadow jago!

Well since the only thing I can find about this problem is more people having the issue, and no fix nor dev reply I’ll just continue being “annoying” without remorse, then.


Also missing for me. Also all my KI gold is gone as well, which I guess happnened because I was one of the people who had that bug where I kept getting more gold every time I launched. However I didn’t spend any of it and I paid for what I had and I’m pretty pissed that all this is missing now. Also STILL can’t play online because of teredo.

Well, I simply purchased Original Jago, f*ck it.

Maybe I didn’t get the bundle since I purchased Shadow Jago in-game.

That’s the conclusion I have come to, and yeah, Shadow Jago is still missing.

They know though, he’s probably broken and needs rebalancing.

I don’t like the surge moves, i’m a good player and I activate them by mistake alot.

Also, his dash, feels very strange.

Have the same problem since around April, 11. I’ve purchased Shadow Jago from ingame at April, 4 and was playing fine for a few days. When I tried it again at April, 11, it would say I don’t own it. Tried signing in and out, reinstalled the game twice, contacted xbox support (Help option takes me there) still no luck. A strange fact: after reinstalling the game for the first time my player level got from 11 to 4 and I suddenly own 6000 KI Gold (I think I should’ve got 1500 from Shadow Jago pack or 0 if I don’t own it).

Well, I guess the problem may be considered as fixed, because I can play as Shago with recent Mira update, so check it out. Thanks to devs for the solution.

Yeah, last update fixed problem for me as well