Shadow jago is to OP

Shadow jago is too op against everyone, people can spam his shadow jump kick thing and it feels almost impossible to counter because it switches sides everytime, or getting stuck in a corner and being uppercutted juggled for about 80% of my life bar, really? does anyone have a video of how to play against this guy becauase I can’t for the life of me work out how to beat him when 90% of the time he isnt even on the screen.

His divekick is unsafe unless it is surged. Try blocking it or uppercutting it. Do not let him gain meter and you will be fine.

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which block? med or low or high or waht? becaaue it tired everything nothing seems to work , really annoying everyone just spams him online

Just block high. Once blocked without him surging,he is very unsafe.


@Sasuke99I’s right - all you have to do is block high (simply hold back, or away from your opponent). When you do this successfully, glance at his shadow meter to see if he can surge it - if he can, hold that block for a 2nd DP, or “uppercut” and then hit him with a full-combo punish as he lands.

The divekick has a slow startup due to the initial teleport, but is reactable as a result of that; simply wait for the telltale “bamf” of where he appears to determine which way to block (remember - hold back on the d-pad/joystick, away from your opponent), then do it - you can punish him as he bounces off the block. If he surges it though, he can combo off of it (he’ll kick multiple times rather than just once and bouncing off), so if he does this, wait for his combo to start then punish accordingly with counter-attacks (on block) or combo-breakers during the auto-doubles/manuals and linkers (on hit).

If your opponent is proficient enough to juggle you with his throw or surged moves, you can often stop the follow-up attack from said juggle before the “flip kick” with a combo-break, which they will be required to do if they wish to get more damage and continue their combo. More often than not, your opponent will use a heavy manual to do this (which will occur I’d say about 60% of the time, with mediums ~30% of the time, and lights ~10% of the time), so break accordingly, but be careful and patient - you’ll have a 1/3 chance to get it right; if you don’t, you’ll have to suffer through a lockout. However, if you’re okay with taking a bit of additional damage, you can ALWAYS break the “flip-kick” that comes immediately afterwards with a heavy combo-breaker, which is virtually guaranteed (works 100% of the time) unless they perform a counter-breaker in anticipation of your combo-breaker. So, you can break the manual after the throw with a 1/3 chance of success or the “flip-kick” which is easier, but also more likely to be counter-broken. To help with this, here’s a handy visual guide for reading Shago’s manuals post-throw, so you can break them easier:
LP - fast jab
MP - elbow
HP - slow hit with sword hilt
LK - fast knee to stomach
MK - shin kick
HK - slow knee to face

I hope this helps! :wink:


Well I felt the same way too, But after using him I found a lot of holes in most of his moves.

  1. slide Kick Is often unsafe, even Surged it’s can be punished
    -When someone uses Side kick it has to Cross to the other side (if it’s Shadow burned it will stay on the same side) when Surged there a short stop, You can stub it with any poke and go for a combo If you want to.

  2. Like Saske99I (or if it’s a lower case L) said : Dive kick is only safe when Surged. and even so, It’s block able Of if you see it coming, you can back Dash Or like @Sasuke99I said, Punish it with a uppercut.

  3. Shago’s Fires balls are fast, but aren’t Scary unless you are far away, They don’t do much damage and when Surged they can’t control how high the other ball goes so IF you block or evade the first one, you do have a window to punish.

  4. shago’s Annihilation IS the same As akuma’s Raging demon, it’s only good IF you are doing something Unsafe other then that it’s kinda of a joke.

And lastly and what I think Shadow biggest weekness is, he is only deadly IF he has a shadow bar and a half.

as long as he has low shadow, most of his combos are locked out.

with that being said look at what Shadow does before he attack.
-bends down? slide.
bend forward? Dash.
Vanishes? Dive kick.

I hope it helps.


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From my experiance it’s just that Shago is so overwhelming it’s hard to get your bearings against this character once he gets in once. From dive kicks to slides to back HK. It’s like fighting Spinal mixed with Jago. I’m marveling how you guys seem to remain calm enough during these fights to figure this stuff out.

One of the things I discovered with this kick of his, you just have to be paitent and be ready for his attack, a lot of his mvoes ar eunsafe, play the paitent game and wait for him to ■■■■■ up, then smack the crap right out of his mouth!

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i just came across a shago that just teleport through me and dp every time. its hard to react to online cuz the farward dash is freaking retarded. y is a dash a teleport?

…he is not! You’re two OP!

…he is rather annoying though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

He’s not over powered but a damn good character. I’ve beaten many Shadow Jago players and have been beaten. The only part I mess up on is block his slide kick cross up and his Ultimate command move. I would say the ultimate command move that uses his instinct meter gets me %50 of the time but I almost always get hit on his slide kick cross up.