Shadow Jago Instincts Instinct Speculations

We know a some of Shadow Jagos up and coming moveset however the only hints we have to his instinct are:

“Its Killer”
“Theft is a little heavy but sharing is caring”

Now just based on that i think Shadow Jago will gain the ability to spend some of his opponents shadow meter, however I think he can only do this when he has no meter otherwise this could end up being extremely overpowered.

The fact that Keits said “Theft is a little heavy” makes me think that it wouldn’t be something as heavy as spending your opponents meter without some kind of restriction otherwise it would essentially belike stealing it.

what do you all think whats your thoughts on what shadow jagos instinct could be.

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I remember seeing a post in the old forum’s suggest a buff for Omen thread where Omen’s instinct would instead have him steal his opponent’s shadow bar (albeit it would use his opponent’s bar first). That was my thought on what this could be, with maybe disabling powering up his specials? idk, though I definitely think that utilizing his opponent’s meter is used in this.

I think that Shago shares his rival’s meter with himself.

Both have their full meters, Shago activates instinct, then Shago uses a shadow move, and both lose one bar each.

Don’t know to say if it goes the same in the other direction. If not, it basically gives Shago all shadow meter for him, negating rival’s acces to their meters as far as he is not being attacked. Omen would be specially weak to this instinct, but his Instinct would negate it cause he could use it to stop Shago from using shadow moves

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Probably the best idea I’ve heard so far that would stop him being shadow countered in some situations allowing him to keep applying pressure :smile:

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That wouldn’t really benefit Shago much though, yeah he could spend all his opponents meter but Shago would have to use up all his meter for that to take effect and he seems to be a meter heavy character. I’m thinking the instinct will combine both character’s meters, both characters would be able to build and spend it. Meaning if Shago can get the offense going it would be very powerful, but if it gets turned around on him he could be screwed.

That was my original idea, but I declined it when I thought in Spinal’s curses and Fulgore’s special meter. You can’t merge Fulgore’s special meter and Shago’s, and if both bars combined, what would happen when Spinal curses you?

Given that hints, surely Shago will have something to do with his rival meter, but I’m not sure about how

Didn’t they already tell us about his mechanic to enhance his moves by spending a little bit of shadow meter, in other words not a full bar? My guess is that in instinct the cost is split between the two players.
I don’t think that they share the cost for shadow moves though because I can just spend a bar the moment he activates instinct. However most characters have no way to use partially filled bars so they can’t do anything about it.

That’s true and I think that would be a better idea.

So when Shago shadow surges a move, the bit of meter it would have cost him is either split with the opponent. or the opponent pays for the move entirely.

That I’m my opinion is perfect balancing.

If anyone disagrees or has any other ideas I’d be glad to hear them.

I’m assuming he just uses their meter when he does moves, stealing is what Spinal does and I think that’s why they said stealing wasn’t accurate. He’s just borrowing their meter.

Maybe using shadow moves on shadow Jago will give him meter.


Since they’re making it sound like it’s gonna be cool, I’m betting it’ll be something that’ll surprise players. Maybe he’ll grow a pair of shadow wings like Omen and be able to air dash?

Another thought is he might be able to cancel one shadow surge into another, or cancel one move into a shadow surge of a different move, for example, a slide into an anti-air fireball.

maybe in Instinct, all of his specials are the Surged versions (but dont take meter) but he can still Surge for an even STRONGER surge