Shadow jago help

I need some help in the shadow jago MU. I’m new to KI and when I play against a shadow jago I have no idea what’s going on lol. I have labbed some punishes but in the middle of a match I still let them get away with murder. So I’m coming to you shadow jago mains please add me my GT is ADM Riddles if your willing to help me learn this mu

Are you also playing Shadow Jago? If you share the characters you’re playing you’ll likely get a bunch of people who can offer character specific information! If you can record clips of your matches, that could help as well.

Shadow Jago’s Surge mechanic makes his specials change or become safe, so you have to learn to kind of keep an eye on his Shadow meter. Some Shadow Jago players play a keep-away fireball game, others will throw lots of divekicks and slides at you - I find it useful to try to figure out which sort of Shadow Jago player I’m up against early, because if you can anticipate his (non-Surged) divekicks and slides you can get good punishes after blocking them.

I’m playing rash right now. I haven’t faced a zoning shadow jago yet usually they throw some fireballs and come in with the mix ups lol. I will have to lab more what the surge looks like so I know when they make it safe. If anyone has any tips for anything I can do as rash that would be appreciated as well

Unfortunately I don’t have much I can offer for Rash tips, except that the tongue can be used to eat fireballs, which I believe also gives you Shadow meter.

Some pointers:

His backdash is not startup invuln like every other - use that to your advantage.

His surges are all commitments. He can’t see confirm surges, so don’t let your salt blind you in tough spots.

All specials are punishable, it’s just a matter of to what degree. Surge can make them safe, but it’s always your turn after blocking a special (except Sg.Fireball - it’s still his turn).

If you block a fireball up close, punish w [jab]xOpener>combo.

If you block a divekick, punish w [best range heavy button]xOpener>combo.
Sg.Divekick (multihit) is safe, so take your turn back w [jab]>+frame stuff.

His Divekicks do not hit overhead, so your best bet is to follow the Golden Rule of Defense: block low, and react to the overhead (which is definitely reactable).

If you block either Slide, punish w [jab]xOpener>combo.

Be wary of his Sg.DP on wakeup when he’s got a pip. That’s the most annoying part. Sometimes you’ll have to give up a DP punish in anticipation of the surge, but better safe than getting hit by the second DP. You’ll have to follow your gut on that one.

If he goes for Annihilation, hold up. That thing is stupid hard to land reliably. If he’s got INSX though, be careful whiffing long-recovery moves in neutral, as that’s just asking to eat it.

If you need more specific sorts of advice, ask away. I’m not a Shago main, but I’ve put a lot of work into the character.

As Rash, annoy him with Tongue and your superior air mobility.

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Thanks for the tips, I will lab up my punishes more to get the muscle memory down. I think it’s just the fast pace of the mixups that make me miss the punishes

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The pacing does make it difficult, for sure. It’s the same with why people cried OP on Rash for the Wrecking Ball. You’ve got the right attitude, just gotta lab up that muscle memory.

You’ll do just fine if you keep that mindset. I edited in a couple other tips above, by the way.

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I know this reply is late but my suggestion is drop Shago like a hotpotato FOR NOW.

I made the mistake of starting KI by playing Shago, when someone like Fulgore or base Jago wouldve been a better character to learn the game.

Learning the game thru Shago is like eating soup with a fork. Its possible if you try really really hard but you wont learn anything.

Pick up Jago, once youve learned him youve learned how to play the game in its most fundamental state. Then youll understand how to optimize a different character like Shago.

I was actually asking for help fighting against him not learning him, I probably could have worded my original post better lol. Lately I’ve gotten alot better on my punishes tho but still need to pay attention to the surges a little better

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I still haven’t bought shadow jago yet so if anyone who plays him wants to play sometime and help me learn the MU my GT is ADM Riddles

I’ve thought about picking him up just for fun, but haven’t sat down yet. My time for the game is limited so I have stuck with Jago. When I pick up other characters, my inputs usually mess me up because I have muscle memory for laser sword and wind kick with manual timings. Ergo, I look like an ■■■■■■■ as Fulgore randomly teleporting for no reason.

As a shago main, the worst thing you can do to me is crouchblock. You can react to anything I do in that position and punish me.

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Shut down any movement option that shago has. Rash can do this easily with wicked tongue. Zoning isn’t an effective tool as it’ll build you meter an stop me from building any to get in. Keeping shago in the corner ESPECIALLY with the oki rash has is very effective. Don’t know where he’s coming from an you have meter? Shadow boot. Use your normals can stop a lot of movement with Rash has great tools against shago, the damage potential from rash definitely beats out shago. So even if you fall behind take your time.

Thanks for the advice. I’m getting alot more comfortable in the MU it just took some time to get used to. If you ever wanna run some games I definitely need to experience lol

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sure I’m generally available all weekend when I’m not at an event or doing other things. Weekdays around 7pm est, I’ll sometimes get on earlier during the week but 7pm is best. Zero Syndicate is the GT

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Thanks man I’ll add you when I get home, I’m usually on around the same times

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