Shadow Jago gate keeper kick

Can you guys make shadow jagos gate keeper kick a 2 hit like boss shadow jagos? Boss shadow jagos gate keeper kick is really awesome and should have been used for the shadow jago you guys made us.

So you want them to nerf the push kick?

I want them to make it how boss shadow Jagos kick is which is a two hit.

What I’m saying is, you’re asking for it to be made shadow counterable. I think Shago mains would probably be against that.

Well if your good at timing shadow counters yea but I wouldn’t really use it unless I’m trying to open a combo

I’m not saying it’d be a huge nerf. Just that it’d be a nerf, in the sense that it’s not shadow counterable on its own now but technically would be if they made the change you’re asking for, and for no apparent gain.

If you’re only using push kick for its properties on hit, you’re missing most of the point of the move. It’s dash-cancellable, which means you can do push kick into dash-forward, and cancel into into throw or dark catastrophe from either side.

The push kick they gave us now is shadow counterable now cause I’ve met people who shadow countered it anyway but it can still be cancelled out if it doesn’t hit like how boss shago cancelles it out when he misses… I guess them adding it to be a 2 hit would be a positive/negative for people who don’t see it to be good and for others who do… But you bring up some good points

I did say “not shadow counterable on its own” – you can definitely catch it if you shadow counter during the blockstun of a previous move, and time it well.

But this did make me think of something: a double-hitting push kick might stuff out shadow counters that are entered off the blockstun of a prior move, since the first hit would trip the counter and the second would stuff it out. So I guess it wouldn’t be strictly worse after all.

Oh yea… It sure could stop the shadow counter! I don’t know I think they should really add it in the game to see how it plays out. I feel like it’ll be pretty decent… Especially for manuals.