Shadow Jago frame traps , set-ups, mix ups

I would like to open a quick post here so we all who play this character can share overall best practices on playingg Shago.

What framtraps do you know he has? What are your favorite / most effective set ups and mix ups??

Let us all participate and share our knowledge. In the end it will makes us all better Shago players

Thnak you for the support in advance

Some stuff I wrote in a less collaborative thread, but which you might find helpful nevertheless:

EDIT: also it should go without saying that Infil’s Shadow jago page is worth consulting.


Thank you very much for your input bro… Certainly I do appreciate your contribution

Is crouching MK good to use as a meaty?

Close MK is probably the better meaty, because it has a lot of active frames. Also look into fwd+HK, because of its range and the mixups you get off the dash cancel.

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the more i play shago the more i realize he isnt a mixup character, he doesnt have fundamentals, hes a purely crossup character. hes all about making u hold downback the wrong way.

I notice Shago’s Light Kick is ZERO on hit. If you did a manual with it and waited, would that be a frametrap? Or does a move need to be + on hit? Whats the necesarry frame data for soemthing to be a frametrap?

The standard test is, “if both characters hit their fastest button or perform their fastest safe special within range upon recovering from the move, who wins?”

Often +1 does the job, especially at point blank when both characters have access to light buttons with 4 frames of startup (and mediums with 5 frames of startup). But depending on the characters and the spacing, +1 might be insufficient, or even unnecessary. Also, extra frames of advantage make it more difficult for your opponent to test your sloppy execution by attempting to press a button, allow you to catch your opponent in pre-jump frames if they try to jump for a grounded combo, allow you to catch your opponent at all if they jump and they’re further out and you have to press a slower button to check them, etc.

In your example, you wouldn’t get a frame trap in a technical sense, no, but you have access to other light manuals which do give Shago advantage, and I doubt anyone is noticing that you don’t have frame advantage and pressing a button if you go for a reset after LK anyway.

As for your previous comment,

A crossup attack, particularly an unreactable, barely reactable, or ambiguous crossup, is a mixup. Besides which, Shago has access to a slide and a fast overhead command normal (back+HP), so I think he does just fine on the high-low mixups (as well as, in fact at the same time as, the left-right stuff).

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Good day bro, I think you are mistaking Jago’s overhead with Shago’s…I dont think (back+HP) on Shago’s end is an overhead…Matter of fact now that I think about it, I dont think he has an overhead move. Correct me if Im wrong

I correct myself…(back+HK) is an overhead, its a stagger as well.