Shadow Jago Complaint

I’m fine with the way Shago is for the most part. Most of his moves are negative on block. You just have to find a way to punish.

I was Watching LCD’s stream and his Kim Wu was having a set against Rico’s Shago. In this Match Up, Kim Wu just has too many short comings against Shago. Kim Wu tried to parry Shago’s Pizza Slicer (Jumping HP) and it didn’t work! Kim got a dragon out of it, but Shago was still able to combo off of it. It didn’t even cause a hard knockdown. Idk why the parry didn’t work… maybe because the move hits twice?

Time Stamped Clip.


Her Anti-Air normals aren’t that good to begin with. So if she can’t parry the pizza slicer, what option does she have then? Shadow Dragon kick? If that’s her only option, that is terrible in my opinion. Nobody wants to waste meter for a defensive option when your char is so offensive.

SIDENOTE: If some of you want to rant about nerfing a character, that is completely ok. But don’t just say “IG, please nerf [insert char here] because he/she/it is broken and annoying… K bye.” Give examples and scenarios of why you think they are busted like I just did. You don’t need video proof. Nobody is asking you to write a thesis on it. It doesn’t take much time to clearly state a complete thought on the situation. If you just beg for nerfs, you come off as either a troll or a whinny child. You see youtube channels and twitch chats screaming “nerf”, “broken”, “KEITS” and “god tier” because they’re doing it to be funny and sarcastic. They are literally exaggerating to get attention and views.

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If she’s far enough away from him when he does the j.HP, she might actually get away with a regular dragon kick - and if you have a dragon, you can probably dragon cancel out of it to a safe distance. :wink:

Furthermore, in addition to your usual options that most characters have, such as dashing under a crossup, she can dragon cancel to do basically the same. So, if Shago attempts his j.HP up close, if you have a dragon, you can simply dragon cancel underneath and away from it. :smiley:

In the above scenario, have you tried using her parry immediately followed by her dragon cancel? I don’t know if it’s fast enough (or if it’ll even work), but you might be able to absorb the 1st hit with the parry and then dragon cancel out of the way of the 2nd hit. :slight_smile:

Honestly I think this might be a case of online rollback and not the parry. I tried to recreate this in training mode and in versus CPU and couldn’t. I will say though that if it is reproducible it’s more of something where parry needs a buff and not so much j.HP needs a nerf.

I know Maya daggers can beat parry because they hit twice, but they hit at range so Maya isn’t knocked back. Every time I tried to reproduce this myself Shago gets knocked back by the parry and we reset to neutral.

Either way I’m a big proponent of making Kim’s cr. HP actually work as an AA which would resolve this issue period. The only reason he had to parry Shago j.HP is that it’s one of many attacks that cleanly beat Kim Wu’s AA options. (Also it beats dragon kick)

As for using dragon cancel to get out, kind of a waste of a resource that is hard to get.

That may be a good option. But in my opinion, it is still another offensive resource being used for defense. If she doesn’t have Meter or Dragons, she’s kinda screwed against shago.

hmm, that could be the problem.