Shadow Jago Color 11 Giveaway! (3/27-4/1)


Consider me entered! I’d love to get my hands on Color 11. :smiley:

Good luck!

Good luck to everyone!

That color looks so sick I wanna enter would love to get that skin also I main this character so it would be great to get most of his colors

MARVELOUS!!! THAT’s the color for Shago! It’s better than his “blue skin, blue eyes, or something else”! I compared the 1st color and the 11th color : Jago is really evil with the 2 colors, but I see him like a wraith when he’s chosen with the 1st color…

I found an original limited edition version shadow jago on ebay still boxed and sealed and ordered that to get the color 10. Hope i get it in mail soon :slight_smile: but this color look cool too