Shadow Jago Bundle (No KI Gold)

So I ended up buying the Shago bundle and I’m certain they gave you KI Gold along with the character when you purchased him. I just noticed today that I have 0 KI Gold so I never received it. Am I wrong? I was sure that we were supposed to get KI Gold, hence the reason it was a bundle and not just a single character purchase. Anyone know who to contact about this?

Ask @rukizzel or @GoogleMyName … they are the ones to help you figure it out I believe!

I also purchased that bundle and sometimes the 1500 gold is there, and sometimes when I am playing it says 0 even though I have never used it, but it eventually comes back lol I

Update: I got it. I was in chat with XBL and it ended up coming up while I was chatting with someone. I dunno wtf happened there. It was weird. It wasn’t there, I got online and started talking to someone. I was giving him the information then it just happened to show up while this was going on.