Shadow jago broken "glitch/bug"

i was playing with shadow jago against tj combo went in for the ultimate but combo trait activate giving him back health, thus it appeared that all might input were negative , he refused to move or do anything. Check up on this please Iron Galaxy.

here is my vid


I just experienced the same thing. We gotta have this reported to the devs and have them fix this.

Please fix shadow jago he is so cheap online, I have ppl that love to jump backwards and when I follow under him he does that cross over air move kick which makes me character walk right into it giving him a easy opener. I can be hold -> and once he do that move and make me go left when I’m still holding right and if I actually try left I still get hit and I’m not tryna get use to letting go of -> and press it again just to get a block, won’t work if he use a surge bar either so please fix that dumb issue

I can sense some salt in this comment so let me help you out.

From my experience as a Shadow Jago player, you can easily punish a Surged Dark Drift with a well timed counter attack of your choice. I understand it’s nerve wrecking but remember, Dark Drift is not safe on block.

Also after scoring a hard knockdown be sure to step back immediately just in case the player goes for a Dark Fury. He’s easy for punishment when he lands.

Dark Demise isn’t safe on block unless it’s Surged so try blocking or dashing forwards or backwards before you get hit.

Shendokuken is best used as an anti-air tool other than a zoning tool so you should be able to block those easily. Just try not to jump when Shadow Jago’s Instinct Mode is activated. Once you get hit well… You won’t like how his Dark Gift works.

Hopefully some of those tips will help you out. If not, I tried my best.

Has anybody posted this one? If you hit an ultimate after an ultra, wether it be recap or instinct, you can use an ultra ender the moment jago hits the opponent. The ender is spammable or you can do whatever while the ultimate animation is playing.