Shadow Jago Boss

Quick question: have the rules to face him changed? Please correct me , in order to fight vs Shadow Jago boss we have to ultra the last two characters after Fulgore in hard mode?

And get a couple of supreme victories in there other that yeah hard difficulty and ultra your rival and pretty much everyone else if you feel like it.

I need a supreme victory?

Don’t think so but it couldn’t hurt.

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You need 2 supreme victories, hard difficulty or higher and you have to ultra your rival.

Med or higher, 2 Supreme victories, ultra your rival and one charecter before them. So basically don’t get hit and do the ultra.

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Its “hard” or higher now, they renamed the difficulties.

-Hard difficulty (was called Medium) or higher
-2 Supreme Victories
-1 Ultra before the Rival, and you need to Ultra the Rival.
-Edit: You also cannot lose
I believe these are the requirements.


They are the requirements. I fought him yesterday, and got beat bad.

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NO its 2 ultras and ultra your rival on HARD difficulty…DONT LOOSE!
You can only loose to your rival…which i have done before and still made it.

3 total ultras

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Right, can’t lose.
But I was pretty sure it was 2 ultras total.
Not that I was counting when I beat him. I just ultra’d everyone to be safe :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember when I fought him back in early S2. I beat Boss Shago during the second match. I was using Sadira and I employed all the cheapest moves I could do with her. I cheaped my way to victory. :smiley:

I asked this for a friend who wanted to fight Shadow Jago. Is this a secret boss or something because as I can see it seems hard to get the info. I don’t remember what I did to get him a big deal of times, but it was before so I didn’t know if they changed anyhting.

Its for sure:

Hard difficulty
ultra 3 opponents
1 of the ultras has to be your rival before Fulgore.

You can not loose to any opponent except your rival.

Also there is already a few topics on this subject and the criteria for reaching Shago is in that thread as well. Please search for the results

I finally sat down and did it last night. Only took 12 tries to beat Shadow Jago; however, my sloppy execution and funky shoulder buttons on my controller probably robbed me of a much earlier win.

Oh well, I did it!

Pretty sure you can lose to anyone and still reach Shago now, I’m pretty sure I have done this. I might test this.

Forgot about the don’t lose part. I can’t confirm the ultra part, because I did a ultra on all of them just to be sure.

Its for sure how I listed it. You can loose to the rival but no one else.

The best way to be absolutely sure is to never loose and ultra everyone… there is no doubt it will work then! lol

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