Shadow jago boss fight help

I have all three endings and did 4 supreme victories and 4 ultras then ultrad my rival in season one and no shago fight… Help?

Did it again on medium season 1, I supremed and ultrad fight 1-5 and utrad my rival without a supreme had 124,000 score so why am I not unlocking this??? I have every ending for both seasons.

They updated it so the difficulty needs to be at least hard.


Yep, the names of the difficulties changed a long while back. You now need to do it on “hard” which was the old medium.

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Does the ending u unlock for it appear in the store with all other movies? And outside of that is there any reason to do it?

I believe so, yes.

The joy of banging your head against a broken, super cheap, super-aggro oldschool boss? (Not sarcasm.)

You used to have to beat boss Shago to unlock the Shadow Tiger’s Lair stage, but I believe they unlock that with Omen now.


In season one the motivation was to unlock the Shadow Tiger’s lair stage however it unlocked for everyone who bought season 2 because of Omen. Kind of ruined the fun of that Easter Egg didn’t it?