Shadow Jago Availability

As someone who recently got back into the game in anticipation of the PC release and upcoming season 3 changes, I was curious if there is a long term plan to make Shadow Jago available? Seems strange that I’m going to have to go into a matchup completely blind because there is no way to download this character. Sorry if this has been posted before, just signed up for the forums today.

They made him available for purchase during the Community fund in the summer, and then again for a month mid December -> mid January. It appears as though he’ll be available in waves every once in a while.

You can always practice against him via CPU? SO how is that a blind match up?

Shago is available right now but only if you purchase the Xbox Gold live Day one edition with Sago bonus skin. the skin converts to the real Shago. It’s currently on sale in the xbox store website for 59.99(not in your xbox console page) So he is basically FREE! Your not paying for him at all. You need Xbox live so why not make the investment and get him for free.

The link is also posted some where in the forum which i have found by searching.

Playing against the CPU does nothing for real competition but ok.

I already purchased season 2 so paying another 60 dollars for a character doesn’t seem like the best investment. Thanks though.

Your not paying for the character…what part of free dont you understand. No need to be a smart ■■■…I was trying to help. And if CPU isnt “real competition” then play Shago shadows or YOU CAN JUST BUY THE GOLD CARD AND GET HIM FOR FREE! OR YOU COULD HAVE PITCHED IN WITH THE REST OF US WHEN YOU HAD THE CHANCE.

Easy on the caps, bad ■■■. As I said, I just got back into the game so I missed the boat regarding pitching in earlier. Want to be helpful? Try providing a link to the purchase because I can’t seem to find it. All I see are editions of the game. Hopefully it’s just me with my typical blinders on.


Looks like I found it - makes sense now. Thanks for the help.

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