Shadow Jago as Jago again?

Could you guys put Shago as a skin for Jago again? I do enjoy having the New Shago with his own moves and what not but i miss having him as Jago… I’m just throwing this out there cause i know I’m not the only one who liked having Shago as Jago.

I’m against this. A character that resembles Shago should play like Shago.


There are only two fun things about Shadow Jago. Playing with him and his skin. If Jago takes on his skin, the hate for Shadow Jago would be even greater.

Now that Shadow Jago is a unique character with his own moveset and balance issues, it would be an incredibly poor choice to then have them allow people to use him as a skin for another character again.

With all the effort (and going by the community fund, expenses) that they’ve put into turning Shadow Jago into a completely separate entity from Jago -even going so far as to include canonical reasons in the updated Jago and Omen backstories why Shadow Jago is now a separate entity that isn’t associated with either character anymore- it’s not only unlikely to happen, it’s been removed from the board of possibilities. Hell, now that the Glago glitch has been patched and mod support isn’t looking to have the brightest future, even just stretching other character textures on to other models isn’t going to happen either.

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