Shadow inferno on burning

Please check the second Shadow Inferno. Pay attention to the Combo Meter.

it goes -1 -1 +1 -1 +1.

I guess this was related to Inferno Finisher before. But what is exact math of the occasion?

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This is probably a bug? It doesn’t look like the potential damage decreased at all. I was thinking maybe she was gradually getting back her life after the last burn out disappeared but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Even if it was it still wouldn’t make sense I think…

Not a bug. You had potential damage from the burn out and it was adding up increasing the combo level. It cooled off and the potential damage began to go back to normal, decreasing your combo level.

The thing is potential damage shouldn’t be decreasing while taking damage. It was happening while they were in a combo so there’s no reason for the potential damage to be disappearing.

Says who? Burnouts are on a timer and will stop burning whether you are in a combo or not. They don’t have to wait on you to finish your combo before they cool off.

Says the rules of the game. Potential should never decrease when inside a combo

I’m not talking about the burnout disappearing during the combo, that’s normal/to be expected. It’s about him recovering potential damage while being combo’d. That shouldn’t be happening.

Precisely this.

I play Cinder and once thought the same thing. Trust me, its not a bug. Its part of the mechanic.

Nah, I think it’s actually a bug. Definitely if your burnout runs out during a combo, your opponent should stop taking MORE white life. But the white life should not start to HEAL until he is in neutral. The white life inflicted by burnout does not have special rules applied to it, it’s just normal white life that shouldn’t be healing while you’re getting hit.

I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that it’s often impossible, even with shadow moves and heavy ADs, to get someone higher than a level 1 ender if you combo them after a round is over. There’s some wackiness going on with Cinder’s ender level stuff and I never found the root cause.

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Yea definitely not a part of the mechanic.

Yea now that you mention it, it might be related. But this seems to have been triggered by the burn-out. And seeing as how the ender level problem occurs even without that (at least I’m pretty sure), maybe not…

I’ve noticed that his enders will never go above level 1 if the opponent was burning when the combo started and the combo killed. I’m pretty sure it’s a bug with the burnouts, but, considering the mechanic is broken, I’m down for every bug imaginable

Not sure if a bug or not, but this definitely only started happening with the last update. I play Cinder as well and that’s happened to me a few times recently, but not once before. White damage never heals during a combo, whether it comes from burnout or not. If it’s supposed to be unique to Cinder’s mechanic, it certainly wasn’t there before the update.

I’ve stated this as well before in the facebook page and @swordman09 , @KlasiqueSkillz and Cheatcode all told me these were supposed to be like this. I pointed out 4 things I thought were bugs and 2 of these were where your combo level drops mid combo and not being able to get passed a level 1 combo if your opponent is burned while getting combo’d and it ends the round.

about the end of the round.
Sometimes there are 4 pins just from previous burning itself. You onle need to add opener and linker to get 4 bars.

And sometimes I can raise one or two pins after opponents death. But in other situations It’s just limited with 1 pin max. And I don’t get the real reason or difference.
So it’s more like doing overkills (with shadows and etc) just relying on luck to get more burnout pins between rounds.
And that looks silly sometimes. So I would love to see detailed explanation.