Shadow effect Off-Screen "bug" / Interactive Shadows?

Good day everyone,

This is something I posted before the whole Forum revamp.

I’m not sure if this “bug” is a limitation of the engine or whatnot.

first allow me to say this game is the best fighting game IMO (been a fan since the arcade days) and one of the reason is because I find it so much more immersive with everything going around.

There is one thing that happens that just rubs me the wrong way every time it happens and it’s been since Day 1.

When you do a shadow move, there’s a shadow trail, if the shadow trail goes off-screen it stops rendering.

You might wonder what the issue is with that, simply put, when the screen goes back, the shadow effect is cut in a straight vertical line and starts rendering again.

It’s a lot more noticeable in corners and honestly for one reason for another it just destroys the immersion.

Once you notice the effect you just can’t “un-see” it anymore and it’s a pain, its’ one of those things you wish you never noticed in the first place.

I know to most, this is nit-picking, but everything is in the detail.

Maybe IG can shed some clarifications if this is an engine limitation or an overlooked effect?

It is something that’s hard to explain, but if needed, I can record a video of it happening and share it.

Also while on that subject, how awesome would it be if the shadow effect is an effect we can interact with?

Shadow effects/moves IMO are one of this games biggest signatures and I feel we can highlight them a little better.

New Idea: Interactive Shadow effect:

Imagine you pull a shadow Jago Windkick, the other player kicks you back right through it or shoots a fireball you jump over it and it actually acts like a cloud of smoke. That players and objects can shape it by going through it.

P.S.: i love the faintly “colored” shadows effect.