Shadow doing nothing?

Why does my shadow never seem to have a fight? i had left fulgore on since launch of it and he had 0 fights. so i changed to rash recently and hes doing the same not getting me any points what so ever :confused:

Are you challenging other people’s shadows or doing shadow survival? It will get more fights if you do since people will try to avenge their shadows loss by defeating yours.

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I’ve done a few, maybe 20-30, I thought that the shadow data went off and had fighters with other shadows? or is it only player vs cpu, id be happen enough to get a crappy or average win loss for shadow vs shadow data, and maybe a me vs shadow data as a separate stat

@Blade4693 is correct. Your shadow can still end up in other players’ Shadow Survivals, or be selected from Challenge Shadow, but you will get the most traffic from actively playing against other people’s Shadows. I’d also recommend checking out the following thread for dedicated Shadow fights;

I thought that too at first, but it only fights when somebody just happens to come across it in Shadow Survival, they challenge it directly, or choose to avenge the loss of their shadow by fighting a shadow of the person who defeated it. So yeah shadows don’t fight other shadows, just people. That would be cool though, I would love to watch 2 shadows go at it.

Or better yet, using KI gold to have a betting system. now that would make things interesting since its not based on cpu vs cpu exactly, but some form of human interation

i can still trainwreck my own shadow so I’m glad I can control it directly most of the time, lol