Shadow counter for Wu is rough

because her shadow counter does not move her forward,there are some moves that will cause her shadow counter to whiff. A good example is ARIAs’ shotgun blitz, which pushes her back far enough to avoid getting hit.


Yep, I’ve seen this happen when I play her myself. It’s 1 thing to be hit out of your shadow counter, but to miss when the opponent does nothing? This needs to be fixed. I suggest you recommend it be changed in the feedback section of the forums. :wink:

@developers, if you’re not already aware of this, it NEEDS TO BE FIXED in the next update.

Wouldn’t that just go into matchup knowledge knowing what to shadow counter and what not to? There are lots of shadow counters that miss on certain moves from each character.

But I like putting Kim in her place. The brat deserves every bit of it. :imp:

I find kim is short in all areas, compared to someone like maxi from SC who has a decent range from his chucks, everyone else can hit her without her even be able to get close in most situations, does she had a damange buff to compensate?

Shadow dragon kick.

Agreed. A lot of times Kim is stuck in a very short range shadow dragon kick or shadow firecracker with plenty of room for the opponent to counter or pummel her with new moves or such

Yep. Kim’s shadow counter is balls. It’s tough times against some of the longer range strings that’ll proc the counter.

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Yeah her Shadow counter is tough times right now it whiffs constantly and there even situations where it doesn’t work at all. Kim is the only Shadow Counter in the game that doesn’t advance forward. Not sure how they are going to fix it but we’ll find out soon.


I feel her shadow firecracker should propel her forward like orchids shadow firecat or mayas shadow leap kick- and sadira shadow spinblade doesnt just spin her like a spin toy she propels FORWARD

Well couldn’t they just change the actual shadow to Dragon Dance?


That would be my request, honestly. Make it a 5-hit combination of H and M Dragon Dance.

I thought you guys would get a laugh out of this one so I’m posting it.!106902&authkey=!ACl7c2zwcWMQEgQ&ithint=video%2Cmp4


I feel like they made both her SC and reversal bad on purpose, so we’ll be happy with a buff later lol

Lol. Yeah, the struggle is kinda real with her sometimes… :disappointed_relieved:

Wanna know what\s even better? Projectiles pass through firecracker! :smiley:

Eh, not quite. Projectiles pass through the gaps in her firecracker, so it’s pretty common for her to get through them as well. The way the interaction occurs is super frame-specific though - I’ve had single projectiles sail right through her firecracker, and also had it completely stop godly multi-hit projectiles like Aria’s bass assist.

It really is too inconsistent to be counted on though. Again…tough times for Kim. :sweat_smile:

Well I can’t say what happens seeing as how I’ve never taken ARIA out of practice yet. She’s not ready. But it’s nice to know ARIA can bypass her things without much worry.

Isn’t Kan-Ra’s shadow counter stationary too?