Shadow counter fail

Ok so in season 3 I can’t seem to get shadow counter to work consistently. season 1 and 2 no problem. season 3 BIG problem. Most of the time I do a shadow counter, any character I choose will glow purple but nothing happens after. I’ve tried at different timings but nope, just a big nope. It only comes out randomly for me. is this a bug? I do realize they changed it this season but i just can’t make it work. I use a variety of characters against a variety of characters so this is not character specific. Any actual suggestions on how to fix this problem?

Footage please? That would help a lot.

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If your character glows purple but nothing happens afterward, that sounds to me like you didn’t get hit and thus the counter didn’t activate.

Do you have any footage of the SC failures? It would help to determine what’s happening.

really wish I knew how to upload footage here.

Are you on Xbox or PC?


Only thing I see is you get hit a second time while shadow countering. As if you shadow counter on hit 3 of a shadow move

The clips I share are saved on the Xbox, edited with intro/outro and such and then uploaded to my Youtube channel.

After they’re published there, I copy the URL of the video and paste it directly into a post, which will embed the video.

There may be other, simpler ways to do this, but that’s what I’ve been doing for a while.

sadly I don’t have a youtube channel. I still live in the 90’s. I’ll do some research to find a way to upload

I guess the main point to take away from what I wrote is that it seems that posting the URL directly to the video works; you could try it from your OneDrive, or one of the other sites which let you view Xbox One clips you’ve taken.

Or, create a youtube channel, even if it’s just for saving your clips using a different email or something.

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You can use Xbox Game DVR to record them. You can then find yourself in this website and share the link. Then we can watch it.


That’s an external site; he doesn’t even have to go there. Once it’s recorded, he can go to his profile under the official Xbox website, and share it from there. :wink:

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Yep easy peasy - Snap Game DVR, “End Clip Here”, go into Upload Studio, Edit, Finish, Share to One Drive.

From there you can post the link to the video from your OneDrive.

Yep, the fact of the matter is that there’s like 6 different ways you can share it once it’s recorded through the Game DVR and Upload Studio apps - you can share it on Xbox Live, OneDrive, YouTube,, Twitter,, and There are plenty of options (and that’s not even all of them, for example, you could have a capture card)! :wink:

whats crazy is shadow counters are currently easier to do than ever before! And I’m constantly seeing them being done on accident during a whiffed combo as a mash medium breaker.

Ive done 5-6 a match myself.

On blocked shadow moves you always hit shadow counter on the 4th hit so the 5th hit is countered. You have to counter on the hit before the final hit of a block string.

Yeah it just sounds like you’re screwing up the timing.

Not always; some shadow moves can actually be shadow countered before then.

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Geekk Im not speaking as if What I say is how it happens for every single person across the planet…Im saying in my experience this is what it looks like and how I describe it.

It happens and all kinds of different times and its very easy to do intentionally and accidentally.