SF5 ID Exchange thread

So, with SF5 out let’s exchange IDs and see if we can get some games in. Please also leave your preferred region for an optimal online experience. I don’t think PSN ID is necessary but I leave it here anyway. Feel free to add or not to add.

PSN ID : Timeless-Visions.
SF5 ID : BendTheSky
Region : EU (Netherlands)
Characters : Karin, Cammy

Always looking to play longer sets and get some highly necessary practice.

Leave your IDs here!

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PSN: Aremah
CFN: Aremah
Region: EU (Poland)
Characters: Ryu, a little Ken and Gief on the side, will try out DLC chars as they come

The PSN ID helps because CFN doesn’t really let you see who’s online (just shows last logon time I think), not to mention the inability to send messages there.

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Im keeping fight requestoff until i get better but

PSN Bblack0rchidD
CFN bblack0rchidd

Ryu Rashid Karin Cammy Ken Dhalsim

PSN: MercurialErin666

CFN: FallofSeraphs76

PSN ID : ShieW
SF5 ID : SmittyBacall
Region : US
Characters : Ryu, Dhalsim