SF4/5 style characters` unique texts after match?

There is no time or money for recording unique intros, but imo written post match texts would do just fine, and add some plot-driven interaction between characters, and cost low. What do u think?


Maybe in the next game.

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you mean like. Jago to Orchid. “If you weren’t my sister, I would totally…Nevermind.Your path ends here!”

There’s so many things wrong with that sentence…

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Text only? No thanks.

Ask her to be the Godmother of his children? Ask her to be a viable blood or organ donor? Ask if she would willingly sacrifice herself to protect Earth from Gargos, cause he would never let a flesh and blood relative do it???

I’m assuming that’s what you mean.

Fuglore’s would dope.
Texts like “JEGI KUGOERRR!” “FULGORRRE” or his classic scream “REEEEEEE”

You won the internet sir.

Would LOVE that, but honestly if they haven’t done it by now it’ll most likely never happen.

Jago vs Omen (Jago wins):

“I will not be consumed by this corruption”.
“My path must not end here”.
“I have ascended from this evil”.

Oh that’d be sick.

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