Sf guide for ki players?

Hey guys, so I never really got into street fighter I was mediocre at the game but with ki I understand this game pretty well. . . I’m thinking of picking up street fighter 5 is there any guide to learn to play the game?


You may have to fill in the connections or ask for further support yourself.

Lower hitting but higher damaging combos are more the norm of SF. If you have the fundamentals of Jago, you can definitely jump into Ryu or Akuma and learn the basics of the system itself.

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I’m sure there will be no shortage of SF5 content when the game is released, but that’s still 8 months away, so you probably won’t be able to find much targeted at beginners right now.

There’s lots of SF4 content on the web, though you may not be interested in learning that game at this point in its life.

If you’re used to the pace of KI, the first thing you should probably get accustomed to is the slower pace of SF5. Footsies are a bit more deliberate and they don’t resolve as quickly. Special moves in the neutral game aren’t nearly as good as KI so your use of normals is incredibly important. Combos are set; you always do a specific combo to maximize damage or stun if you land a particular hit. Anti-airing is important in every game, but I’d say it’s extremely important in SF5 (though you can use a variety of games to train your anti-air reactions, including KI).


In addition, VesperArcade, Maximilian and others on youtube are already breaking down each of the revealed characters’ gameplay and normal/special moves. These vids may be useful as a preparation for the game’s actual release.

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Good. . . I notice ki has alot of target combos. Are there any characters that have those?

Yeah, SF5 has target combos. The movesets probably aren’t 100% final in the beta version, though. Right now it seems like links are more important, but we’re also not very good at the game yet.

Tell me about it, I’m trying to learn Bison right now, and some of his highest damage stuff relies on some tricky links I’ve still yet to master.

Cross Counter TV on YouTube is also a good source for videos to learn to play sfv. In particular, gootecks has some tutorial videos on the channel, and there is a selection of videos where they introduce the basics to wwe wrestler Austin creed (although he might go be xavier woods in the wwe I don’t follow it anymore) which you may find useful.

Now . .with my experience with ki. And you k ow somewhat sf will I be able to pick up th e game quick or does it take alot of time? I also just mastered
to my stick so I’m hoping it will all come together quick. I don’t have access to the beta but I’m hoping when the full version comes I can pick it up in good pace