Setups Thread

Also after a Shadow command grab, Heavy stab, St.MK (whiff) gives a meaty command grab (or DP absorb, or Cr.MK to catch backdash)

Also against Jago (and a few other Jago-sized characters) at mid screen, heavy Kryll Rush (whiff) gives Option 1A (St.MK that catches jump/backdash). This works often, mostly because of how stupid it looks, but it’s tight.

This has probably been around for a while, but after a light command grab you can do forward medium kick, then standing medium punch, then go for a cross-up jumping heavy punch. This leads to a safe jump.

After heavy grab: whiff c.MK lead to standing HK and standing MK meaties.

Not sure how tight this one is, but whiff MP>crossup j.HP after heavy grab causes Jago’s LP DP reversal to whiff and he will get hit by the j.HP in mid-air.

Edit: the standing HK meaty does not seem to work against all chars. It seems to work every time against RAAM himself, but it whiffs on Sabrewulf? The MK meaty still connects though.

I found a good setup off of heavy command grab that I’m surprised that I hadn’t found already. After heavy grab:

Medium stab, St.MK - catches jump and backdash
Medium stab, St.HK - also catches jump and backdash
Heavy (or light) stab, Heavy grab - meaty grab, I think it hits on frame 4

Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already known, but light stab xx Kryll Shield is really strong now that Kryll cancels only take half a bar. Without charging, the Kryll Shield will counter hit a 5-frame normal, giving a stagger on hit and will be +8 on block. If the stab hits, the Kryll Shield will combo and give you DoT.

So for one bar, doing st.HP xx light stab xx Kryll Shield twice in a row can give you 2-3 frame traps leading to getting Kryll on your opponent and possibly an easy stagger confirm. If you charge the Kryll Shield just a little bit, you can hit backdash too.


I found a setup for the holy grail of meaties. It’s a really easy setup for a perfect last-frame meaty for St.MK (has anybody else seen this yet?)

Light grab, jump, forward dash, St.MK.

It’s +15 on hit, +8 on block, -15 on whiff.

On block, a St.HP will give a 1-frame frame trap much like Kryll Shield. Another St.MK will catch backdash.

On hit, St.HP will combo very very easily. You can also link another St.MK.

On counter hit, it’s at least +19, because you can even link a heavy stab off of it. You can also do this cool combo with 3 links in it: meaty MK, HK, MK, HP xx medium stab. At any moment in that combo, you can stick in an LK for a grab reset.

On whiff, you actually recover fast enough to grab many backdashes (at least the ones I’ve tested), assuming they’re in range. I’ve also found that doing the classic MK, HP link can anti-air Mira’s mist form effectively.