Server issues anyone?

I havent been able to play multiplayer for 4 days now. No ranked,exhibition, lobby, nothing at all. It just keeps searching with no one to be found. It’s not my multiplayer connection because other games are fine on multiplayer. It’s not just my xbox because it did the same when I went to my friends house. Anyone else having multiplayer issues? It needs to be fixed.

Yeah, a bunch of us have been discussing it in another thread. Definitely not just you

Thanks, good to know i’m not the only person being affected by this then. So atleast now I know it’s not on my end. What discussion is it so I can keep up to date on it?

“Refreshing your DLC is taking longer than expected. We recommend you continue to wait until the process is completed.”. I have never seen this problem. Running KI on W10 MS Store version.

It’s called “Multiplayer fatigue?”. The discussion has diverged far from the original topic

Yep, sadly this has been happening for a week for me. I believe it is associated to the recent Windows 10 update as their was a similar issue in that case. At first I was unable to launch my game at all, after the update I am only able to find scarce opponents online, most of them being the same. However, after checking today, I cannot even find one match. Xbox seems normal, though I haven’t checked today.


For me it’s like max a day of issues.

But regardless, it’s manageable.

Are you on Xbox or PC? I cannot find matches on PC.


Exhibition works for you?


I played sets vs PlasticSword and Delta today.

I’m getting matches, but noticing a suspicious amount of getting matched with the same people many times (on Windows Store version)

This problem is affecting both Xbox and win10 players. I’ve been struggling to find matches since Tuesday night. Today I was able to find 4 matches, but I experienced a lot of lag and I’m sure it was not my connection.

I myself am on Xbox, but it’s just not finding anything. Didn’t realize it was an issue for pc users as well.

I’m on Xbox too and the same thing is happening here. Thankfully, the devs are aware and looking into it.

It just worked for me. Won 7 games in a row. :joy_cat:

I had a lot of sub-Gold matches today. Maybe single-handedly placed a few Qualifiers in Bronze

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My first match was against a 7 Star player, then two matches against a decent Killer Sabrewulf, the a Killer Thunder, and after that a gold and a silver and a bronze. :joy_cat: