Seriously need help! The game is not launching/responding (WIN 10/STEAM)

I checked other forums and I don’t use ASUS Sonic Studio or MSI Afterburner. I also tried replacing some of the files, but it only works for that play session and have to replace files every time I have relaunch. This also resets all my game settings. Please tell me there is a fix out there! I can also provide a DxDiag if it helps.

Are you running the Win10 version or the Steam version? They aren’t the same thing, and with the Steam version in particular you shouldn’t have to be replacing any files.

I guess it is Steam as it was purchased through Steam. I only mentioned Windows 10 to reference my OS. What can I do at this point to solve my problem?

Steam version seems to working well. I just played some ranked with no probs at all. Do you have all of your win10 OS updates installed, as well as the updates to the Steam version of KI?

Yes I checked and updated both :frowning:

Maybe fixed now?

Unfortunately, still can’t launch the game, still getting a white screen (Not Responding). This is absolutely frustrating!

I’ve heard other people having this type of problem with non-KI games because Windows has a broken codec that can’t display the opening splash screen or something. They ended up renaming the video file to a different filename so the program wouldn’t try to play it. I dunno if that is your problem or not but maybe you can do some googling along this line of thought. And maybe @snickerdoodle can help more.

Sorry, I’ve never had the issue you’re describing, and was able to play a few hours ago without any trouble. Wish I could be of more service :slightly_frowning_face: