Serious KI Motivation ft DulXboxOne and more!

Man, I had to share this with everybody after seeing my man @DulXboxOne facing @RGLOfficial. I believe is cool to see my favorite forum members in the community showing their display of skills in this game.

Wait for the important message at the end of the video.


@RGLOfficial Will you make CC in this video for me? I don’t understand what do they say at end…

I’m proud to be apart of this video. In going to listen to this video for 30 days straight now. Can’t wait for the 22nd!!!


I’ll never beat that Gargos haha. We gotta fight soon when I get my new Xbox.


Oh yeah. No problem. I’ll see what I can do once I’m home on Tuesday and back at my computer.


I really look forward to fighting you soon. It’s been too long.

I haven’t fought you in forever either, you know (although I did ironically race against and recruit your drivatar in the Forza Horizon 3 demo yesterday - beautiful game, BTW). It’s like half of you have gone completely off the map despite the fact that I’m on nearly every night. :unamused:

…and numerous others (far too many to tag here).

I feel like an outcast who is trying to get into the community that is continuously being rebuffed and/or ignored by others rather than feeling like an actual member of the community itself, even though I am. Many of you don’t even give me the dignity of a response if I message you (even on messages where responses can wait) anymore… :’(

Didn’t realise you’d recruited my drivatar and I won’t be playing the demo again. Just tested it out for accessibility and found the tutorial/intro level to not even give you enough room to swing a cat without looking :smiley:

I know this is going to come off as insensitive, but I don’t mean it that way. I just don’t know how else to ask.

Is there any video game that you can play without problems?

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We all met on Forum Battles I think.

I’ll figure something out, don’t worry.

I may have been absent for a minute, but I’m coming back to this community. And I’m giving my services any way I can.

“Project 22” is going to be sweet, but I think I may also do my own thing some time soon.

<3 u all!

I get where you’re coming from. The answer is no video game is without its problems. If you want to be very tricky about it, you can say that there is no video game I can play without problems. That’s basically the truth of it.

Ki’s pretty good, or rather was until Shadow Lords was announced, which completely blew the accessibility right back away from anything that had come before it (the amount of unlockable content you miss without being able to play the mode is really frustrating is what I’m getting at).

Good question though.

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Ah…motivational speeches…yeah, I heard so many of them for the short time I was in Amway they’re pretty much white noise now. It seemed like every time you asked a question in that business you got hit with a motivational speech.

Anyway, neat video…didn’t really seem to make a lot of sense, but neat.


Lmao really? Amway?

HAHAHAHA I hate that type of marketing.

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eh, the business is legit (multi-billion, I believe), and they’ve got some great products for what they are (XS energy drinks are awesome!!), but the group I was signed in under had some underlying agendas that didn’t set well with me, plus a lot of the lower level leadership in that group was about 3 steps behind the times, and that made it hard to figure out exactly how to make it work.

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