Senior Moments Thread

So have any of you ever experienced ANY senior moments during your lifetime aka the “deep, sinking feeling in your stomach” moment?

I know I have and here are a few of mine now to start off this particular topic and overall thread:
Forgetting to screwed back on the gasoline guzzle lid AND closing the gasoline lid-flap to the gasoline filler tank of my car until one of the employees at my local superstore flagged me down on that :sweat_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Forgetting exactly where I put my phone a few times until I found my phone in the EXACT SAME spot/place where I left it earlier before :stuck_out_tongue:
Forgetting a few certain passwords even though I happened to made them quite short and at the same time fairly easy/simple for me to remember :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol. Even I am too young to start admitting my senior moments.

However, one time my father-in-law tossed our anchor over the side of our boat… without attaching the anchor rope to it.


Losing to anyone from top32


i lost my usbs. like completely…i have no idea how


“senior moment”? let me look up that word…

OH, just got it. Like you are and elderly person XD

Mmmh, I was under some heavy stress once. I ended up putting the keys and shampoo inside the fridge. Hasn’t happened again.