Send your ideas/tech for my potential guide!

I have some spare time before I head off to college, so I wanted to make a few more character guides for my youtube channel. I got a request to maybe make an Eyedol vid, and because I’m far from an expert with the character, I wanted to ask on the forums for some ideas to add to the script. Any (real) help is appreciated!


@deltarayquaza might be able to help

Random tech question that I never felt like necro-ing a thread to ask: Does Eyedol’s head switch freeze remove 1 frame of start up like an instinct freeze does?

excellent question. @TheKeits any idea? Or am I asking the wrong person?

@sonicdolphin117 what sort of things were you wanting for your video? Is it going to be about basic operation or more in depth gameplan and setups?

Pretty much anything that you want to make sure I include that you think I potentially won’t.

Building pips in both warrior and mage is one of eyedol’s key strategies.

A particularly good strategy is cancelling his heavy shoulder charge with a red pip as it leaves him very advantageous on block.

I actually prefer to use medium shoulder to get in, as it has 13 active frames and so keeps a hitbox out for longer than the heavy.


Did someone say TECH .

Aah ok, I didn’t know about the active frames, but i knew that the medium shoulder has a longer range than the heavy: I use it to punish Orchid’s grenade toss on reaction.

I think it’s one of his best tools, as it catches a multitude of options including backdashes and aerial specials (it outright beats Cinder’s light DP for example) and covers a lot of space with a grounded special hitbox (so is good as an anti air tool) .

…wait they patched that out. Shjt
Sorry, that’s all the Eyedol tech I had

Thanks, I saw this some months ago. Because of it, I now use F+HP -> Heavy DP on most of my punishes due to the high opening damage.

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