Selfmade cabinet Killer Instinct

With xbox one, 2 KI sticks and special boxes for better sound :blush::blush:


This is absolutely amazing. I want 10.

I played KI from the beginning.

I bought a xbox one only for KI​:grin::grin:


One of these days I will make my own arcade cabinet. That’s a nice design too. It doesn’t embed the fightstick controls into the cabinet itself, and instead opts to allow you to have a more compartmentalized design that can have some amount of interchangeability. It’s a more modern style of cabinet. I especially like the nice white trim, and the backlighting on the upper KI logo is pretty neat too. The flat area where you can rest the standard Xbox controllers is a good idea too.

One suggestion I’d make though, a nice backseat or something to sit on while playing. Or maybe some nice gaming chairs that can elevate off the ground a bit.

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That’s pretty awesome. Now that Madcatz is defunct this sticks are going to be a collector’s item. Are they bolted on or just nestles in there?

Also, what kind of monitor do you have in there?

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I made it that it just fit 2 sticks on it. It won’t resist.
I bought first the KI sticks then i made the cabinet

Its a 32" lg. 1920x1080.
When scorpio comes i will put a 4k screen in :wink:

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That’s cool
Hope those speakers pack a punch- I’d put two high frequency long speakers on sides facing as well for theater quality audio!

Good job

The sound is fantastic.
Thx man

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Ok, I’m not gonna lie. I had this dream a year ago where I happened to see an arcade machine that has an Xbox One running within it and Killer Instinct was the loaded game. Wouldn’t you believe, that the arcade machine itself looks just like exactly what you made! :open_mouth:

That’s creepy :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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GIve this guy A MEDAL!!! or free codes or something…

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Looks pretty good! Welcome to the Cabinet club!! :grin::+1:

Thanks man. I’m happy to hear that :hugs::hugs:

Or a spinal shipwreck cove deluxe set :laughing::laughing:

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this is LIT. i wish i made more money so i could commission you to build a cabinet for me lol…

I’m turkish but i live in belgium.
The order costs is to high. Example, i wantedto buy all the KI figures. The price for sending it to belgium was over 200$. That’s crazy.


Supreme Victory! Ultra Victory! Perfect! Ultimate Combo! Ultra Combo! Fight On! :smile: :grin: :sunglasses:

Self made for Killer Instinct


sweet. throw in a raspberry Pi for a more well rounded cabinet and its 10/10.

I want to do something similar to my coffee table. installing air Rams and clicking a release button to have it pop out at a 75 degree angle. then inlay the button into the table wood.

I also want to cut out a fulgore template on my cars floor board coverings. with a white backlight and kitchen light defusing panels.

It’s based on vewlix. Japanese arcade style.
With xbox one inside, 2 killer instinct sticks and special boxen for better sound.

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