Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Thread


Man this part is hard and I know the other side of that wall has the big fat guy with the poison blade…Im pretty sire there is a boss over there. Ugh… not enough health in this game. Which is what makes it even harder!
Is my mic level enough now? I dropped it to 20%


I liked it better before but I guess it was too loud. Now the game’s sound is overshadowing your voice


This was the subject of a lot of discussion before launch. A lot of people were calling it a Souls game because it is From Software but it’s actually a spiritual successor to Tenchu. I tried to tune in last night but I was on my way to bed and your twitch was still mirroring some other guy. But he was playing Sekiro and dying, lol. So it has that in common with Dark Souls. Graphics and frame rate look terrific though.


Thta was my old co-worker Chad aka Slob Ross. He gets super salty and rage quits a lot on stream LOL…one night he got too drunk, stopped streaming but didnt turn off the stream. TOok his clothes off to get in bed right on steeam LMAO… Ididnt see it actually but he told me he viewers seen it or something. He weighs about 280 so it wasnt a pretty sight IM sure!

I need to take him off Host since he doesnt Host me back… he can be a real jerk off


Well, whatever else he may be, he’s not very good at Sekiro, lol.


LOL…yeah I bet he thinks he is though! I havent seen him in a month since I got the new job. He was the CS rep in teh front office of my old job. He actually got me into Dark SOuls and was the one that notified me about KI being remade on Xbox. If it wasnt for him we wouldnt be talking here.

But he is still a real A- hole mos the time. He thinks he is a big Dar SOuls Bloodborne streamer… he has a handful of viewers i guess.
I don thtink anyone is that good at Sekiro right now LOL its friggin HARD!


Streaming Sekiro agian right now… left off with a few level ups and finding the flame cannon…now onto the boss fight with the Chained Oger! He is supped to be weak to fire according to the guards I eavesdropped on…lets see how well it works now that I found the flame cannon in the Hirata resisdent memoery area.


Man, this game looks hard. Just watched someone battle two bosses at the same time, who attack independent of each other :crazy_face::crazy_face:


Dude…its super hard! THe camera is really wild…you doge grab attacks and get pinned by a tree you cant see becasue it has been cleared out so you can see through it…so you dont realize its right behind you. IM on the Chained Oger and Ive come so close but his grab attack is ■■■■ near unreactable! UGH…Its too hard! lol
THe deflection parry is the hardest part. You have to have super eye to button reaction relexes and thats hard for and old dude like me :slight_smile:


Did you get the Ogre? You were doing fine but ■■■■ he moves fast!!


NO…never got him but IM back on now and about to get him first try :wink: heading there right now!

*** GOT HIM…1st TRY!!! Boom!!! Well that only tok a total of 20+ attempts LOL!

Just knocked out the 2nd general and his goons too! NOw its either onward to the snake or back to the memory and end up fighting the fat drunkard poison dude…oh sheet!!! Im getting better at this! lol


Awesome! I think this game requires even more patience than Souls. Normal enemies are not easily disposed off…


Lol Gyoubu Oniwa


I just joined your stream at the RIGHT moment lol


Dude I couldnt take amymore for the night… no way was I gonna risk another 20 deaths and possible dragon rot on that boss! Ill get back to it tomorrow and do a little research before I take him on again. But the snake part before him was super cool! OMG!

Thanks for tuning in so many times! Im not the best at streaming but its fun to do and get a viewer or 2 :wink: THanks bro!

** SO Ive made it much further today. Im past the SNake, THe HOrse general and the Shinobi assassian. Now onward towards Drunkard and whomever is in between!


I have read very little of what is previously posted. I bought and installed the game this weekend, but we had birthday events for friends and family all weekend, so I haven’t even sat down to play it yet.

I plan to play at least once this week, but I’m also juggling a project of miniature painting for a massive game with upwards of 8 players this weekend, so I have to find a way to do both.


With your For Honor experience you should do fine, I think. Parrying, blocking and timing your attack is difference between life or death.

On another subject, I fully enjoy watching this game on Twitch seeing playets getting killed 39 times only to succeed the 40th time. Only to then rush toward the next unkillable creature 5 minutes later.

I feel this game is keeping players on their toes. Not only does it not play like Souls, it has a totally different dynamic and suspense. Players think they can be greedy but many play more strategically after advancing a few hours-and seemingly learning from rushing into battle towards death. Nice to see some of my favorite streamers adapt and not give up.

Looking forward to playing it myself.


I’m actually a little surprised, I figured this was the next Souls series. Hopefully my experience with Souls will help here. Definitely interested to dig in, considering I’ve managed to keep myself completely in the dark on it other than watching the original trailer last year.


So, I’ve played about an hour and just received my first shiruken Shinobi Tool. So far, it really feels a lot like Dark Souls with stealth elements and a slightly different combat system. I am not at all disappointed. The posture mechanics are cool, and I see what @BoJima404 was saying about the importance parrying, timing, etc. Enjoying it a lot, and I think my experience with Dark Souls and For Honor are helping. Just beat the first General, got my first Seed and Prayer Bead, and I’m in the Memory after praying with the first bell. I died enough times to the General that i got my first Rot… so yes, I would say this is tougher than the rest of the Souls games.


Yeah, you actually do massive damage if you play the game right. You can technically chip your way to a victory but the game forces you to find the perfect timing to end each foe much quicker.



Just a few suggestions on what I’m seeing from players on streams. If you play like Souls by blocking, evading and attacking you will lose a lot of health over time. The game wants you to “duel” by being in enemies’ faces (even when surrounded) and start deflecting. Deflecting attacks tends to cause less damage over time while taking almost as much time as playing in a “Souls” type of way to get rid of an enemy. Since you can still unlearn stuff as you’re in the game’s early stages, I actually recommend less blocking, rolling away/evading and more staying in enemies striking range while deflecting. Deflecting and being more aggressive seems to pay off in this game. By being aggressive you will find more opportunities for critical hits than if you play passively. This is just some advice against normal enemies not bosses.
These are the reasons I feel the game looks less like Souls to me…

Also, highly recommended are getting the following skills in the beginning or as soon as possible

mikiri counter. This ties into posture damage as well and also breath of Life-, light is essential and central to surviving. Many say OP but it balances out many disadvantages you might have:smile:

Also there are some stealth skills that stack and complement each other making you always invisible.