Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - Thread


Is this what the “undying” guy was talking about in terms of training with him? I have foregone doing that so far, but I was planning to eventually go back.


NO… he just trains you on combat and a few skills. Bo is talking about the skill tree. You have to get an Esoteric text to open the skill tree. I just grind and try to get everything lol…that way you pratice your combat and earn skills. I have a cool grinding technique if you wan tto use it… just let me know.

BTW>…this game is bad assssssss!!! You have to stick with it and get comfortable first though. then it opens up and is amaizng…so addicting!


Juzo the Drunkard would be a fun boss fight if you didnt have to go through all the bull sheet to get to him and then fight his mob. Dammn 8 guys to get to him and then 8 more surrounding him. If you die its like who wants to go through all that again just to fight him …ugh


Ok so I finally got past Juzo and then Raging Bull. Since there is basically 2 timelines…its best to go from one to the other, boss after boss. You get items in between that help you progress in each area. Now that Im past those 2…Im at Lady Butterfly on the Hirata estate side and the main Castle on the Ashina side. I shouldnt be far from the next boss over there.
Lady Butterlfy… whooo… definite upgrade in combat difficulty…wow. I did manage to beat her frst form on the 3rd attempt…but her 2nd form… oh man…its tough… ghosts, beaming light beams from above, plus her cat like ninja skills…yikes! I know using the snap beans is what is needed for that 2nd form but Im scared I might runout…I only have 6…once you run out then what?
This game is sooo rewarding though once you overcome the challenges. Great game… I cant wait to see what lies ahead!


The Ogre has a nice dropkick lol


Yeah he does! lol… straight up Marty Jenetti style! LMAO… also Blanka and Baraka style!

Man I swear Chained Ogre was so hard to beat and so frustrating. He forces you to play the game a certain way which is opposite of what the game has taught you up to that point. YOu cant really deflect against he liek you would other foes or bosses. Youhave to dodge that dude… FROM really knows how to build you up and tear you right back down!

RIght now Im about to fight 7 deadly spears samurai, then SHadow longswords man and then back at teh HIrata estate Im at Lady Butterfly…which i can easily beat her first form but I have yet to return to work on her 2nd form and the use of snap seeds. I figured I would move forward and explore around in teh Ashina side, have some fun…instead of spend hours on her.
But she is going down for sure soon!


Let’s keep plot/boss/specific details behind spoiler tags, please. This wasn’t quite as necessary for the Dark Souls threads since the games have been out, but this is pretty brand new.

In my case in particular, I haven’t had a ton of time to play and would like to participate in general discussion without getting spoiled!

So I played for another hour or so last night, still working my way through the first bell memory. made it up to the spear-wielding Shinobi Hunter, who kicked my ■■■ enough times for me to accumulate my second Rot. I eventually remembered I had picked up a tool piece, and went back to the Sculptor. I now have the Axe and the flame spitting tool as part of my prosthetic. I also finally unlocked the ability to… unlock abilities… and I need to experiment with the new counter and multi-slash moves I got. I’m hoping they’ll help me against the Shinobi Hunter. I also found the side section where you swim through the river and use the grapple to make your way up a cliff, and after fighting a few guys you can wallclimb up to another Idol. I’m not certain which is the actual path forward, but I want to kill the Shinobi Hunter before I proceed. If this game follows the same vein of Dark Souls, I need as many health and flask upgrades as I can get.


If you’re worried about resources them there is a way to increase the level of difficulty during the game which gets you plenty of necessary resources for killing enemies in a certain way. Funny thing is that it’s totally worth it. If you get certain skills unlocked and feel confident in your stab and eviscerate skills then I would recommend doing so. You get so many resources and buffs to help against bosses. The trick is then to decrease difficulty level before confronting bosses.

This is one of the secrets in the game: having a bell demon in your inventory and ringing the bell demon shrine.

Whatever you choose to do, I believe in you :joy_cat:


I have the Demon bell on all the time now…Im regretting this now at Seven Spear fight…ugh…2 days now… no can pass lol


Amazing how the “20 overlooked mechanics” video on YouTube has 1.1M views after just one week. The game must have done really well in terms of sales, I guess, if non walkthrough vids have such high viewer count. Noticed that this vid is not the ‘only tips and tricks’ vid with at least 200k views. Kinda surprised of the game’s popularity considering its difficulty level being so steep.


Well its also Vatya VItyas channel too…he has a ton of subscribers from the SOuls community…pretty much everyone that plays souls games watches Vatya


Had a chance to play last night, and in about an hour an a half’s time, I made some progress.

I went to the Sculptor’s shrine and practiced my Mikiri Counters with the undead guy. I felt like I understood the timing, and figured it was time to go after the Shinobi Hunter again. I must have died fifteen times trying to take him out, I just couldn’t work out the counter timing against him for some reason. I eventually had a perfect pattern down for taking out all of the enemies leading up to him. Eventually, I got frustrated enough with my Mikiri failures I decided to try something new; I ended up killing the Shinobi Hunter finally by taking off his first lifebar with a stealth deathblow, and using the Axe to pound away at him. I was able to land a free hit while he stood up, and tanked his return attacks while using the Axe. It felt incredibly satisfying to take him down after so many close calls! I was hoping for more than just a single bead, but I’ll take what I can get. I progressed through to my/the father and got the key, then all the way to the Drunkard. Fought him once, and the loyal Samurai ended up getting killed - I knew I was going to die to the Drunkard since I hadn’t figured out any pattern or strategy yet, so I used the Homeward Idol out and rested before quitting for the night. It took too long to kill all of his minions, so I need to figure out something to speed that up.

I’m loving the game so far, but I’m finding myself still playing it like Dark Souls, focusing on dodging and movement more than I should. I need to get comfortable with deflecting, counter attacking, and using abilities. Looking forward to the next time I get to play, though.


Played just about an hour last night, and made a little more progress.

I managed to kill the Drunkard after only about 6 attempts. I ended up playing hit-and-run on his minions, until I was down to just the Drunkard and one shield guy, but had lost a ton of health and used both of my flasks. I intended to reset and practice killing the minions carefully, but as I killed off the shield guy, I noticed the life bar for the Drunkard was on the screen even though he was still near the water. I realized he was fighting the NPC samurai, and rushed out to take advantage of his distraction. I stayed behind the Drunkard slashing him, dodging away from his attacks, and burning him from point blank range, and he went down. It felt amazing, honestly. After struggling so much against the spear guy, I figured it was going to be a major uphill climb to kill the Drunkard. Progressed forward more and died to the Butterfly about 5 times before calling it a night. I think she’ll be easy once I get her patterns down, as she only has one life bar, and seems to be somewhat predictable - though I’m still waiting to see where I’m supposed to use the Snap Peas. Which is weird, since she seems to be a true boss, as opposed to the others. But hey, I’ll take an easy boss for my first, anyday.


So Im past Lady Butterfly…Hirata estate is complete. Now I just finished the Ashina elite Jaza and onto Kenechiro… wow…he is pretty tough. I only fouhgt him a few times to get his patterns down. Not looking forward to his final form.
Also moved into the sunken valley and to the SNake eyes mini boss. Man that is the best farming spot Ive found so far. There are like 8 gunmen at 160 x[ each and a large gun man at 297 xp. A few passes farming that and you got a skill point easy.
This game is so rewarding once you get going …love it.


Recently beat the Ogre mini-boss, who despite being fairly easy for the most part got me a few times with that lunging grab. Just got up to the Drunkard in the flashback level, which looks like it’s gonna be a rough time even with the NPC helping.


Yeah those are both tough fights… once you get past those and level up a bit, new prosthetics, upgraded prosthetis…the game starts to open up a bit on teh skill level IMO. You dont die so easily to grunts.
Im now at 3 differnet spots…Genichiro in Ahina… Locked gun fort door in sunken valley…and just got midays through Mt Senpo temple. HEading to Genichiro now to get that out of the way so I can progress past sunken valley.
I beat Amored warrior and centipede last night and today I beat LAdy gun star wars rebel and Centipede giraffe. All fights are so much fun and rewarding …I love it!


Some of us are trying to get through this without spoilers. Please respect them :wink:


WTH is this thread for if we cant talk about the ■■■■ game? Seriously?

Just beat Genichiro… very tough fight… time to move forward now with the key.


All that was asked was you use spoiler tags to block specifics. Like boss names, how you killed them, etc. It’s a fairly reasonable request.


I actually wanted to contribute to this thread too - I bought the game have been having a lot of fun with it. Bowed out about 10 posts in though because people were further than me and kept saying boss names.

Half the fun of the title is seeing what crazy new folk monster Fromsoft will throw at you next, in what crazy setting and all that jazz. I’d rather play through blind and just not talk about the game than keep having what’s around the corner get spoiled for me.