Seeking Fulgore Trainer/Partner!

Hello my mechanical friends!

With the recent reveal of the bright red Color 10 for Fulgore, I decided I had to get my hands on both the figure and the color. I played around with Fulgore a little bit last night (I’m not really a Lab guy yet) and discovered I need… serious amounts of work to make him a playable choice - can roll out in fire engine red and disrespect the character!

I’m a Thunder player, though I will admit I’m not extremely technical, have a bit of a button-mash tendency, and I’m more of a brawler than a combo artist.

I’m hoping to find a few people who can give me some tips for playing Fulgore, and maybe point me to some current training videos or routines I can try to learn. If you’re interested, I’d even love to work with someone (or multiple people over different days) here and there to try to train.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, or are interested in helping me branch out from my single-character-specialization!

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I don’t mind helping. What type of playstyle are you. I am assuming rushdown. Get a knockdown from a throw,battery ender,or wall bounce into heavy kick into a teleport. Then you can do a fireball and teleport behind the opponent and do a mix-up.

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I learned how to play fulgore through Sullen Mosquito’s video guides here on the forums and through my own experimentation. I suggest checking out his stuff. We could play some day too :+1:

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Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt with regards to having any ability with him at all!

I’m still learning the inputs for his specials, to be perfectly blunt. I typically have been triggering teleport without intending to, because it’s the same as Thunder’s Ankle Slicer. I’ve got very little ability to play anyone except Thunder, so far.

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Not just Fulgore’s playstyle. Just what is your style in general. Well in that case,learn some strings and go to training room. Do them for 100 times in a row and move on to the next. Make sure you can do it successfully on both sides. Very extreme yes. Works %100 of the time. Less extreme option can be doing some shadow matches and survival to get used to the input.

I cant teach you, but if you want a partner to learn WITH, i would like to learn as well. I’ll scrim and lab with you. Jut hit me up on a forum PM.

Well anyone need Fulgore help,Indon’t mind. Just send me a message. Sasuke 99I
(Capital i at the end)


Its kinda funny. Everybody is going like “i’ll help you”, seems like the thread worked quite well… a little bit too well :hushed:

I’ll learn any character WITH someone. But i really dont want to do it by myself right now…

I am actually in a similar situation lol I have played pretty much only Spinal since I got the game but wanted to have a back up character, and Fulgore was my choice since he’s one of my favorite KI characters.

I just picked him up a few days ago and am trying to learn him too, so I probably can’t help teach you anything you don’t already know, but we could always spar/practice some time. I am also having the issue of getting accidental teleports. I also have no clue how his meter works or how many pips I need to do a shadow move lmaoooo I just kind of guess XD

If I learned anything about Fulgore on my path to getting actually good with him is that it takes a lot of lab and match experience to get good at his zoning, rushdown, neutral game, and the hardest off all, switching between them on the fly. But that is his strength, his adaptability and, sometimes, unpredictability. If a good fulgore is half-screen away from you, he might start to zone, engage in the neutral game, rush you down with a teleport vortex mix-up or go for one and then change to the other and then back. Its what makes him so unique and fun to play

I will gladly help train you (I’m not the best Fulgore in the game by any means), but my lack of sight has been known to assist people in looking at the game differently at the very least. Add me on XBL and I’m sure we can come to some arrangement.