Seeing how there won’t be anymore Ultimate Source figures

Can we at least get the alternate colours as paid dlc? Let’s face it, it’s been over a year, possibly two since wave 1. Preview of Wave 2 prototypes and absolutely nothing since. I’d love to have the figures too, but if not I’ll gladly buy the exclusive colours.


I recall a number of owners saying all they did was fall over…
The Hasbro Marvel legends series would be a great inspiration for a future design team

Yeah they should sell them, the only way to get them anyway is through Twitter lotterys and contests which kinda sucks.

I’m still happy with the figures I got. Some are better than others. Sabrewulf and shadow jago look great but fulgore often leans over and his blades are warped. I got Spinal too luckily and that is a great product.

I spent an arm and a leg getting them shipped overseas or I would have liked to complete the set otherwise. I think Jago with those camo trousers and Rambo headband looks like his best colours. I’d love that to be added to the game. For sure feel like I’m missing out not being able to have access to the missing colours in game.

Seeing as KI 2013 is at the end of it’s run it would be nice to see all the ultimate source colours added.

I stopped playing KI because I couldn’t get access to the ultimate source special colours, I felt like I could never fully complete the game without them so i just thought why bother and called it quits. I think i needed spinals and a couple of others.

I had also created a thread requesting a “special colours” pack but did not hear a single word back from anyone.

Have they officially released any statements on the wave 2 figures? I couldn’t find anything that said they were cancelled

i’d pay for a color 10, haven’t bought any DLC from KI in a while

i’d pay for that astral stage too, playing RPG KI is horrible

No and if you search some of the old threads were Andy and I discuss where what we think happened is they lost their money on the project., therefor wave 2 was cancelled due to no cash flow. The super blow out sale confirms this IMO beacause thats what you do when you loose in buisness…you liquidate inventory and put those funds into soemthing that will make money.

The US skin codes arent owned my MS thats why they wont offer them for sale but US will give them away to twitch streamers that advertise US, ect…

Recently explained by Ultimate Source via a podcast was that they weren’t allowed to start production on Wave 2 figures because wave 1 inventory was selling to slowly; by the time they had sold that inventory their contract was up with Microsoft and they didn’t have enough time to reasonably make the second wave. There were also some budget issues.


So besides the contract being up I was correct. Thansk for the info Larry…I did not know this podcast confirmation! Lets hope they get it all back to gether. Maybe selling the skins would help get some money back in thier budget??? Its not like they are finite!

Cheers Larry for the clarification