Secret No Mercies - KI


Have you ever heard about the Secret No Mercies/Fatalities from Killer Instinct Super Nintendo version ?
Well, they could be executed at specific distances from your opponent and by pressing a harder combination of buttons. They were not easy to do, but the result was a devastating and stunning move!

Besides No Mercies and Ultimates, I would also like Secret No Mercies to be included in this game for Xbox One, but for now I just wish to include the No Mercies and Ultimates that we know, because they are, like the Ultra Combos, the essence of the game!

Here you have some of the Secret No Mercies from KI SNES:

B. Orchid: Back: drives with fire: Back, down + right, down, down + left + L (2 or 3 steps)
T. J. Combo: Fist in the stomach: Down, Forward, Forward, Down + X (Close)
Jago: Throw swords: Forward, Back, Down + X (1 step)
Riptor: Eat heads: Forward, Forward, Down + Right + B (2 or 3 steps)
Sabrewulf: Vampires: Forward, Forward, Down + Right + X (2 or 3 steps)
Chief Thunder: Throw axes: Forward, Forward, Down, Down + Left + R (whole screen)
Spinal: Opponent’s Fatality: Back, Back, Right, Down + Left + Left + L (opponent’s fatality distance)
Fulgore: Cloning and laser: Down+Back, Down, Down + Forward + X (entire screen)
Cinder: Superheated Lava: forward, back, down, down + R (2 or 3 steps)
Glacius: Ice Swords: forward, back, forward, back + L (1 Step)

What do you think about the Secret No Mercies, did you know them already?
Do you agree on including No Mercies and Ultimates for this 3rd season or 4th season?


I don’t see any real proof of these.


are you trolling or something? Never seen any of these…


No, those don’t exist. The SNES KI wouldn’t have had the memory to add more content onto what the Arcade version had. In fact, they had to cut a considerable amount of animation out of what moves they had in the game and alter No Mercies to recycle frames instead of using their own in many cases (I.E. Spinal did a lightning bolt attack like Thunder instead of summoning a skeleton to drag the opponent into the ground), so there is no way they were going to add new animation to the game so that all new moves like those mentioned above could have existed.

I call BS.