Secret endings?

I’m just curious on what the requirements is for doing the secret endings. If it completely depends on character then I would like to do it for Sadira. I do have all 3 endings unlocked.

you talking about this one?

Just beat Boss Shadow Jago

YEAH!!! Thank you

How do I get it? My last opponent is always Fulgore.

Play season 1 story mode on hard or higher, get at least 2 supreme victories, don’t lose a single match, ultra your rival (character right before fulgore) and try to get the highest possible score that you can( not really sure if that factors in but it’s worth a try), and very important you must have all 3 endings for your character. Let’s use Jago for example, you must get all 3 of his endings and use him again with all these conditions and you’ll skip the fulgore fight and go straight to shadow jago.

You cna beat sotry mode on medium or higher. actually. You don’t have to do hard.

Everything else is correct, oh and btw one more thing @REYNOSOFUA11 left out…

When you meet Shago he will be kyle difficulty…so…clinch your butt and grit your teeth : U

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I completed all the requirements on medium with Sabrewulf and was still forced to face Fulgore, did it again on hard and got em. I think it is Hard or higher


@JEFFRON27 it was supposed to be a surprise :smiling_imp:

I think if you make it to your rival and completed all the goals, you can lose to your rival, rematch, and still get Boss Shadow Jago. Still have to ultra them however.


You sure? I know it used to be medium and higher back when it first released but was then changed, if it is then I stand corrected.

Lol loving the feedback. Not only did it help, but I had a good laugh as well. I’ll give it a try, and report back. Thanks.

Man when I fought him I got violated… no lube not even a reach around. Just spanked and Ultimated like a newb. I dominated everyone else on hard but Kyle diff and Godlike in SL are way way beyond me. So are alot of the Shadows for that matter. I’m very mediocre at this game. Working on getting good enough that Challenging SL mode is more of sure thing when I’m using characters that aren’t my main or favs.