Secret Achievements

This a question in regards to SL, not necessarily feedback, so if anyone finds it a bit out of place, I apologize in advance.

Does anyone have any information about what missions are related to the two secret achievements? Also what character is needed to make it so the mission outcome is successful for the achievement?

I’m not a big fan of RNG unlocks, so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone can help me know what I am looking for when it does show up.

I hope everyone is thoroughly enjoying the preview and thank you in advance for any help.

I think @SonicDolphin117 infiltrated the cult of Gargos with Orchid.

Thank you for the quick reply. I know Sonic has a YouTube, so I’ll browse through his videos to see if I can’t find the steps necessary.

Hopefully it won’t be too tough because I am far from proficient with Orchid. Thanks again.

You’re welcome. Unfortunately I don’t remember in which of his videos he did it and at what point in the video but I’m sure you’ll find it eventually.

And there’s more being added for launch!


That’s the only secret achievement I’ve gotten. There’s another one that I can’t figure out. Maybe it has to do with the Stalker or Ultratech quest lines.

[spoiler] The secret achievement I got was related to The Cult of Gargos quest. This quest was an emergency mission (red portal that allows your full team) called “The Cult of Gargos.” After beating it, I was presented with a mission option. Having Orchid on my team allowed me to infiltrate the cult and unlock the next part of the quest. (You could probably use characters like Sadira as well.)

The next day a mission called “Quest: Infiltrate the Cult.” popped up. After I beat that mission I got the achievement. [/spoiler]

If you want to see me do it, go to and watch from 41:10 to 1:02:18

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Very excited that there will be more achievements added at launch. I like extra goals during my playtime.

@SonicDolphin117 thank you very much for the help with my questions. I have tried to get through the stalkers one myself, but it fell off after the third stalker, maybe I didn’t have the right character to carry it through.

Also thank you for the time stamp. Ruffling through a couple hour video would have taken me a bit of time .

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See, not being aware of the secret achievement at the time, I did something a bit different.

Thinking I’d be cheeky, I used Gargos to play the Cult mission. He was able to walk up past to the guards and say hello, so no alarm was raised, and after the mission I had the option to “address your followers”. They basked in my glory, and corruption skyrocketed on the continent.

Also, about the other one:

It involves the Stalker quest. I’ve made some progress on it my last few runs. I’ve also had dialogue with the Global Resistance saying they’ve made some mistakes, which explains the army of radio tagged raptors.

@BlitzedKraig I imagine one of those new 'chievos involves Eyedol’s quest?

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The first achievement (discussed above), is called: Infiltrator
and the achievement description is:
You infiltrated the Cult of Gargos in Shadow Lords mode!

The second achievement is called: The Hatchery’s Secret
and the achievements description is:
You found the Global Rebellion’s hidden equipment cache in Shadow Lords mode!

Dunno how much use this will be to you, but hope it helps

Well the reason I put up the spoiler tag is because I looked at it on True Achievements or something, and the image on the achievement had the military Riptor that you fight during those missions. And the name of the achievement helped me fill in the blanks.

Me right now after reading that

Thank you for all the tips. I will keep trying with the stalkers. I search the military loadout bodies and get a piece of the tracker, but it just seemed to fall off after getting two of them.

@SonicDolphin117 I’m right there with you on needing all the achievements.

First time I found the quest the same thing happened to me.

Every time I found the quest after that I ignored it cause my team was getting messed up.

Honestly, I’m not really an achievement fanatic. I couldn’t care less about getting all the character titles and stuff. But Shadow Lords deserves it, for me anyway.

@LordWebster901 Also, please put a spoiler tag over your post.

Hopefully it is a quest line that is able to be finished in the questline in the beta. I’m hoping I just don’t have the right team to use the trackers when I find them.

Agreed on Shadow Lords being deserving of the time and effort. I’m excited to know this mode will have me busy for quite sometime.

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I managed to get the first secret achievement with Cinder. I don’t think it’s an Orchid specific questline to be honest. The only real thing about it may be you need to have a character with a particular tie to Ultratech in order to acquire the questline.

No, you just have to be a character that’s good with subterfuge and masquerade. Not sure how Cinder can do that considering he’s on fire (I know he used to be a good spy but still) but yeah.

I’m as surprised as you, it was his character portrait next to an orange text option that said the words “infiltraite the cult.” Maybe since Cinder is an ex-special ops agent before he was made into a living sun by ARIA, he had super good infiltration skills. I could see it making sense, though subtlety isn’t a trait he’s played up since he became who he is now.

The next thing I read is that he somehow was wearing a black robe and entering among the crowd and a bunch of other story I forgot.


Thats some tough black robe then…


I did it with Shadow Jago (the first part) and Gargos (the second part). Since I’m still learning Gargos it was a very challenging mission, in the end I won and got the achievement without knowing how to do it in first instance. The second secret achievement is still a mistery for me.

Well he was in the army for 13 years. Then after that went into mercenary work. Now works for UT. He’s the best of the best at what he does.