Seattle Battle Opera III 8/13

Seattle Battle Opera III
The GameClucks FGC Monthly returns to Downtown! Seattle Battle Opera III will take place just a few blocks away the Seattle Waterfront. With numerous restaurants and bars nearby and easy access to major bus lines and light rail, we are excited to continue hosting

Seattle Battle Opera is a Red Bull Proving Grounds Qualifying Stop. Participants in Street Fighter V will earn points each event with our top 3 players at the end of the season being sent to the Red Bull eSports Studios in Santa Monica, CA to compete against players from Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Toronto in the Red Bull Proving Grounds Regional Championship finals for a chance to play at the Capcom Pro Tour North American Finals at Red Bull Battle Grounds and to be crowned the Regional Playoffs champion.

Dates for Seattle Battle Opera are

June 18th
July 9th
August 13th
September 10th
Location: 107 Spring St, Seattle, WA 98104


3:00pm Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- (PS4)
4:00pm Street Fighter V (PS4)
4:00pm Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (360)
5:00pm Killer Instinct (XBO)
6:00pm BlazBlue: Chronophantasma EXTEND (PS3)

Stream will be on, gonna try to make sure we at least get GFs on stream

Yea buddy! I’m ready.

Is there any benefit to only going to one of the events? Any cash prizes? Is there an entry fee?

Edit: looks like most of my questions were answered on the website. Now I need to figure out if enough people are going to play KI to make it worth my while. It takes a lot of planning for me to go to events ahead of time and I want to make it a worthwhile experience. How many people typically attend this event to play KI?

Edit 2: Looks like 8 people showed up to play KI at the first one and 4 at the second one. I think I’ll pass since it’s a 4 hour drive from my location.

Come out if you can! We should have a decent number of people coming out this time.

I hope so! One day I’ll make it up there, but probably not until NWR if KI returns next year.

So how many people came put for KI this time?

Four again so we just recorded sets. Next event if we hit 32 which we can do as long as people aren’t lazy & pklan adds $100 to the pot. The date is September 10th, get the info out there