Season3 Ultra Request: More retro KI goodies!

Hey guys, I had an idea back in another thread for an extra way to spice up the future of KI and incentivize (I need to find a synonym for that word. I use it too often) us to actually want the Ultra edition in lieu of a whole other classic KI game; more retro goodies in THIS KI!

I’ve compiled a few of my ideas here:
-More colors/accessories for retro outfits

-Retro Concept Art (both from the classic games and from the redesigns) by our lord and master Kevin Bayliss

-KI2 music in training mode

-Remastered retro stages in the hex engine (I know this one isn’t happening any time soon because of time/budget constraints, but I can dream dagumnit

-Retro related accessories for modern character models (i.e Modern Wulf with his robo arms from KI2, spinal’s classic sword and shield, TJ’s boxing gloves, etc)

So, what do you guys think?
I wanna hear thoughts from the community, but also the perspective of developers if at all possible. ( @TempusChaoti and @TheKeits come to mind… Loving the new Tag feature)

EDIT: I mean to say that these should be added as incentives to participate in KI Season 3 as a whole, and that the characters/costumes/content involved could still be either general or in their respective seasons ^^;


I think this stuff won’t really work. The reason being, it assumes you have ownership of prior season characters. The Season 3 Ultra edition can’t really affect anything in prior seasons, in case someone buys S3 and only S3.

KI2 music in training mode

I feel like if this was added it would have to be available without the ultra edition, since the original KI music was available through in game methods.

remastered retro stages

This I dream of too lol I don’t expect it to really happen, and it makes sense and stuff, but it’s fun to fantasize about :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I suppose I should have said that I want these added DURING Season 3, instead of being the result of a Season 3 purchase… I’ll edit the thing so it makes more sense. :blush:
Assuming that these things are given to the community at large, and not just Ultra premium members, do you think they’d fair well, @adymunrox ?

Yea definitely! More colors and accessories for retros would be great seeing as how they currently have less than the defaults. And with all the KI2 characters we’re getting this season, it’s certainly a good time to add the KI2 music to training I’d say. Seeing retro art from Kev would be pretty awesome too, always a fan of that stuff ^-^

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Retro stages or retro ultimates are on the top of my list but honestly I know how much development time those require so I’m not getting my hopes up. Maybe Microsoft gave KI the budget it deserves though, maybe we’ll get everything we want in season 3.

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I really like the idea of retro stages too, but it’s really hard to justify the math. Each character in KI already has a stage - which is well beyond what is strictly necessary to provide variety and at 18 stages (counting the practice level) we are already outnumbering most fighters out there. Many of the current stages are essentially updates or inspired by the old ones. For Season 3 then, they would add one more stage for each new character plus retros. That leads to more stages than characters - which seems odd. And stages aren’t just little extras, they take a lot of time and effort.

It’s just a hard sell. If I had to pick though, I’d really like to see a literal reinterpretation of Thunders endless catwalk and Spinal’s boat stages.

If they just had them selectable like retro outfits where you just press up/down on the stage select wheel it would work just fine. I’m sure if they wanted to they could implement them in a way that doesn’t fudge things ups at all, it is a highly requested feature. If not exact remakes, do what the retro costumes do and make retro inspired stages like Spinal’s Warship in KI2, Glacius’ temple from KI1, Orchid’s cityscape from KI1. They could choose designs that are retro but aren’t just copies of what we have now.