"Season 4", not really

How about instead of doing a full on 8 character season, after season 3, they do a small set of updates with small rebalanceing, new costumes, 1 stage and like 4 maybe 5 characters.



Go big or go home

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That’s not what she told me. She told me “I’m in charge, if you don’t like it…too bad honey buns. I’m the alpha here.”

Needless to say I cried. :sob:

Needless to say, more than one table was turned on you that night :wink:

It was awful, the things that happened… :sob: The things that were said…could make a man curl up in a ball and never look a women the same way ever again. :sweat_smile: :sob:

Relax, I’m sure you’ll like it the next time :laughing:

Funny…those were her exact words.

Seeing as IG has already announced a DEFINITIVE version, I doubt there will be more after Season 3. After the 8th character and Shadow Lord mode has been released, I think that’s it. No more KI.

I don’t think they would have bothered doing the character survey if KI is finished. The survey guarantees another season, or DLC pack (maybe 4 characters next year instead if a full season), or a sequel.

No. Full season or either new or improved game.

meh i wouldnt mind seeing balance changes for another year, make the game more dynamic

this could be for ki4 and those characters we will see in like 2-3 years

Oh my a redesigned orchid for Xbox 2 2018! Oh the possibilities

Besides every game that comes out on a “disc” still gets dlc. Why would the definitive edition be dlc free? It’s not going to have all of the colors from the toys so yeah they can still patch the damn thing lol besides all the disc does is let it play the installed game, discs mean nothing.