Season 4: No Mercy?

Since the roster is completed “IF” a season 4 was to happen, why not focus on giving all the characters No Mercy/Ultimate Combos. Perhaps throw in some retro stages in from both older KIs (some with stage ultra of course). I mean if they could do a non bloody ultimate with shadow jago im pretty that something can be thought of with the rest of the roster.


We didnt get stages for all characters this season, so I doubt they will be working on retro’s. Also it has been said that stages are one of the most expensive things in KI.

As for Ultimates…the more characters we get the less likely we will get Ultimates I think…making Ultimates for all characters will be a huge time sink, not to forget money.
I would like them though, but will be ok if we dont.


It’d be nice if they fixed season 1 retros. The only good season 1 retro imo is glacious. Jagos is okay.


Yes polish up season 1 stages with stage ultras & give every fighter a new costume/ accessories / retro color 7

Because they would be additional content to add to the base game… not as paid dlc… They would need to add more characters/modes to justify adding ultimates/no mercies as a part of the content.

Don’t hold your breath.

Those are two completely unrelated things in terms of budget and development time.

Jagos hair could use a touch up and recolor to brown like his original. His upper body shirt could be lowered and loosened a bit too.

To be clear, I was talking about retro stages, bit unclear from my part, sorry about that.