Season 4: Dark Queen anyone?

Made an animated picture of two shots found here on Twitter


assumming we get a season 4

That’s some neat fakes.


This character has nothing going for it except ■■■■■. In whole Battletoads history she has like 5 frames of animation lmao.

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All i see is a great alt costume for orchid.:rofl:
All joking aside tho, a character with a whip would be cool( we kind of got eagle but he’s more of an archer) or something similar to a whip.

Well she still technically has moves they could make a moveset with. In Battletoads 1 she had the flying tornado spin, in the Double Dragon crossover she had the fire teleport move where she turned into a fast moving hitbox on the ground, and they could even make stuff up like how in the arcade game she had that giant hologram of herself (like make a holographic clone that has eye lasers or steps on the opponent). Plus they could give her a whip to do all sorts of crazy mid-range or long-range setups with hitgrabs and reset combos, maybe even call the other boss enemies to act as strikers (sort of like Ultron’s drones in MVCI or Leonardo’s trait in IJ2).

After seeing how non-fighter characters like Phoenix Wright in UMVC3 turned out all those years ago, I feel a character like the Dark Queen could have all sorts of insane moves either directly inspired from the games or have new lore-faithful moves made for a fighting game moveset.

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She’s HUGE!!

Like Aganos huge :scream:

And that’s 3 more frames than we’ve got in this GIF! :laughing:


Meh- is it possible to think there is still a passion for developing another iteration of this game?
Asking for a friend

The proportions are so far off in this image that’s it’s beyond unbelievable

Well in the old Battletoads games (including the crossover) the Dark Queen is around 2.5x taller than the Battletoads/Double Dragons, and as Rash in this game is about as tall as most of the cast, that would put the Dark Queen at around Gargos’s height (maybe even RAAM or Aganos). Basically that edit in the OP’s post is less exaggerated than it would seem in regards to height, if anything it’s too accurate.