Season 3 update for is now live! Full Tusk and Arbiter character pages!

Link to the site:

Hi guys, since my other thread is pretty buried, I just wanted to say that there’s now a huge Season 3 update for my guide now live!

Most importantly, I have FULL character pages for Tusk and Arbiter! Go read about how they work here! Kim Wu and Rash are coming soon!

Virtually every page was changed to fit the new Season 3 mechanics. Those pages which haven’t been updated yet (which include many of the S1/S2 characters) are going to be updated soon.

The original guide thread is located here, if you want to find out more: The Complete Killer Instinct Guide ( [All post-S3 chars added!]


Seriously dude, you are probably one of the most incredible members of this community! Thank you for your incredible work!

Already reading, I’ll let you know if I stumble upon any typos or have any meaningful feedback.