Season 3 ultra edition or definitive to buy?

So I’m stuck on this both cost $40 but definitive doesn’t have the XP boost or gold on live store according to the description in store.

I’m missing classic season 2 Alts and ki 2 I didn’t grab it at that time when it was available.

So my question is which do I buy? That I get everything?

Also surpreme edition I can’t buy since Xbox says this content isn’t avail at this time.


Go definitive. Double Xp and some KI gold isn’t worth the extra 20$ compared to a classic game and costumes.

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Definite. It’s 3 games in one with all of the content

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Ok so if I want the double XP too and the gold as well can I get that too or it’s a only one choice for me.

Ok there’s so many versions it’s over whelming

So if I pick definite edition would I be able to get the one with perm double XP and free gold or it’s a one time only choice?

You can buy the S3 Ultra Edition for another $40 but I wouldn’t recommend that. You can buy xp boosters which are limited time and you can buy KI gold as well.

Season 3 ultra was an absolute fluke. Go for definitive.

Personally I dont really care for the classic games, loved them when I was young, but they feel dated now and dont play them at all, have KI 2013 for that.

The extra xp does wonders for me though, since I play regularly, but only a few hours at a time…so levelling everyone still takes forever even with the extra xp.

The gold is awesome too, IF you plan on playing a lot of Shadow Lords and want some great starter pack with Guardians.

I might pick the definitive edition eventually for the soundtrack and extra’s and because it would give me a solid copy, eventhough I really prefer digital games nowadays.

But to me season 3 ultra edition was great.
The only downside is less stages this season, but those editions dont change that.