Season 3 trailer; Rash segement, what happen here?

i wonder if this was a beta animation for Big bad boot linker

This boot animation happens after a Rash Bash recapture, then afterwards follows up with the actual Big Bad Boot animation we all know and love, then cuts to the next segment.

time stamp is 0:18 on the season 3 trailer to view the whole segment

Noticed it today when watching the trailer from a post something unrelated to this post, then I was lurking on the forums to see if this was a topic, haven’t seen it, might as well bring it up

edit: my guess though this was HK beta then changed it to the axe animation it is now


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oh yea ur right it is ultra combo, just looked at it just now, i wonder why use this instead of HK animation, i guess the flow is better with it though, IMO

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How do you even notice stuff like that? XD


when u play rash and watch rash videos from day one, u catch stuff that pops up. im usually not looking at the screen when i use ultra, so i never caught it beforehand