Season 3 should be the final season

I like to think the rebirth of Killer Instinct should be made up of a trilogy of 3 seasons.

Maybe. Season 3 could be final season. But we hope they’ll make new KI sequel.

No. Season 3 could wrap up the 1st three seasons, but the can make another story ark with the 4th season. No need for a ki4 yet.

Season 4? I think that too much… KI sequel is better than more Season.


i dont think wee need a sequel before the next generation. Almost all fighting games have only one game per generation for a good reason. SFIV is a well balanced game with over 40 characters, KI can be too and even more since i think its easier to balance a game like KI because the combo system is the same for everyone than other games

My hope would be that we get all of the core returning characters and a good roster of new faces by the end of Season 3, and future Seasons could focus mostly on additional content such as new outfits, new/remastered stages, new game modes, graphical upgrades, other goodies.
While I like getting new characters to play with (that’s why I loved Season2) I feel like after a certain point they shouldn’t be making characters unless they’re confident they can make them work. I’m not entirely opposed to the idea of 4+ seasons of KI, in fact I’d be more than happy with it. It’d be a good example of how a steady stream of new updates can keep a game going long after it’s initial release (TF2, CS:GO, Black Ops 2, Rockband, etc). I just feel like Season 3 should establish the final base game, with all the classic characters and plenty of cool new ones before we worry about moving forward.


This. I wonder why there are some people that don’t want more seasons or they think of a sequel. Haven’t they understood that doing a sequel right now or even stopping with updates would mean the utterly decadence and straight Game Over for KI? When I read these kind of comments, I ask myself if these guys are even thinking of the consequences or, simply, they overestimate this franchise so much a sequel would get more profits than the F2P version and even defeat the well known fighting titles. Poor fools!

Exactly, poor fools, you should wake up! KI is the underdog and must fight to gather a spot and this F2P system, that I don’t like a lot because of being impure for the PC utency but still something, is the key to combat with equal weapons. Moreover, KI would be the real and only F2P 1vs1 fighting game for PC users so a reason to try it before any other fighting game, present or future (yeah, I’m talking about you, Street Fighter V!)
It’s not the opposite: it isn’t Capcom/Namco/Netherrealm that have to demonstrate to be competitive, it’s the title of IG/MS that must make its move. A medium mistake made by devs of SFV might be forgiven if corrected in time, one made from KI would be a shower of insults.

So expanding this game would be only a benefit and stopping this would be a complete waste and an unavoidable comeback to the dust of oblivion. After 15+ years of being untouched, this franchise must proceed to gather more and more people playing. A sequel is the worst idea, expecially when the actual title hasn’t been reached its pike yet, or better a big, constant, stable community (in comparisons with other titles, of course).

That’s why I agree entirely with Fwufikins: after season 3, the game would leave beta and from that point the release of characters periodically, but focusing on other top priority features firstly. If you consider SFV would have an assured support for at least 5 years (make a count of how many characters, game modes, cosmetics and features are going to appear!), KI has to give garancy for its future, if IG/MS want people to invest their money in this game. A doubtful game with a foggy future isn’t the best game where to spend money.

Concluding, please stop talking about KI4 when KI3 hasn’t reached quite a medium-high popularity yet. It hurts the common sense. And you, sir Fwufikins, you deserved a like. The smartest comment in this whole thread, despite there were others expressing your same concepts, but you made a step further.

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KI needs to expand its franchise with sequels, spinoffs, figures, comics, merchandise… for KI to not be forgotten again there needs to exist a whole KI ecosystem, just like MK and SF.

I’d like KI to stop at season 3, and then go full retail with KI2.

Comics, figures, maybe an animated serie.
A Sabrewulf adventure game spinoff by a second party developer
A downloadable tactical spionage game featuring Orchid with the same seasonal approach as this KI. 10-15 hours long. 19.99$
A metroidvania game with Glacius.

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I aree. I don’t think we should worry so damn much about a “new” KI game until the next generation. This game can be constantly updated and it’s not like they can improve other stuff.

You’re right. I don’t want to buy KI many season. What if Season 4 is confirmed, then let’s count!

KI season 1 - $40
KI season 2 - $40
KI season 3 - $40
KI season 4 - $40

It’s $160!! Season 3 is final season. No more next season. We want new KI2.

They’ll keep going until it becomes unprofitable.

That’s only if you want to buy EVERYTHING, the game at its core is only $20 per season. The rest is just extra DLC.

Yea this is pretty much what I envision too. Maybe a some new characters from time to time, but I always imagined it happening this way. But I really really don’t want a “new installment” or " ki2" or anything like that anytime soon. Just keep adding to it and such like they planned.

Ultra edition season 1, 2, 3 and 4 are $160.
Combo breaker pack season 1, 2, 3, and 4 are $80.
That’s still expensive.

I’m not trying to debate that, however as it is right now we will have 3 seasons worth of characters for a total of $60. That’s the price of a standard game and pretty reasonable. If you want all the bits and baubles its quite a bit more. Yeah it’s a lot of money if you are obsessive like me and buying the ultra packs but at $40 a year, I’d say its worth it to keep up with whats new in KI.

So true. If they make KI GOLD remake, I don’t care how much money. Only I want KI GOLD remake.

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KI is a game where character knowledge is super important, and the goal is for every character to be balanced enough to be a threat in tournaments… I think that pushing around 24-25 character is a lot to ask for a game like that, both of the developers and the players. I don’t know if they’re planning more seasons after S3, but they should consider that when making their decision.

Uh… if you get KI2, you’ll be spending $40 or more on it anyway… what difference does it make if they call it Season 4 or KI2 if you get similar content?

I personally would not mind at all for a fourth season of Killer Instinct and overall a Killer Instinct Season 4 :sunglasses:

That’s why I was for a change of the F2P model from impure to hybrid. Because the game wouldn’t reach exaggerated amount of money in long terms. With a new system, instead, despite the price, you can still upgrade the game because you manage to get a bunch of characters for free alternatively, more or less. Despite your prices are indicating ultra packs, but that would be always 80 $.

Concluding, you gave a reason for your necessity of a sequel. But still the idea of sequel right now is just stupid. But you have my respect for putting out some sense in your comment, differently from other comments I saw in this topic or in several past ones.

After S3, modes and maybe 1 or 2 more characters are my concentration preferences.

With S3, we will have a relatively large roster. It will have been built organically to maintain a balance rarely seen above 6-8 characters.
A lot of that is thanks to the Combo-Counter Breaker System, but also due to the tweaking to the characters as we’ve progressed.

With roughly 24-28 characters, there’s a LOT of Auto-Doubles and Shadow Linkers to learn to break and I don’t believe going to 30 or more is going to add anymore than what the next few guest and returning (and of course, BONUS!!!) characters will add.

Work on refining the systems and code while adapting that to the next-gen KI would be what I’d like instead of S4.