Season 3 Ranking System Deranks and Point gains

Usually not the type to make topics or write in the forums but this is personally something that I really wanted add into ranking but never did. Being able to derank from losing or losing more points to someone that’s lower rank than u as well as making it a bit more harder to rank up. If I’m a Killer and I lose to a gold or lower I should lose more points than just the usual 50 point loss. After watching a few streams of new people trying this game it makes me realize that gold players and some killers play like they should be a lower ranking then they should be (like bronze where the title says button mashers) like I’m convinced it’s hard to tell the difference between a gold to a qualifier. It frustrates me seeing this because it gives people a bad impression on KI cause they think it’s just mash to win or that in KI you should never block. I know we probably won’t go back to the season 1 ranking just because of the top 32 tournaments that happen (or at least I think that’s the reason) but it’s one of the things I know a lot of people miss because of how hard it was to rank up and rank down. One more little thing please change the not playing KI for 1 month and getting deranked. I don’t think that’s really necessary but if u guys really want to keep it make it at least 3 months because 1 month seems really harsh especially for some players that like taking breaks from a game. (Again just personal things that I and a few others want to see) :slight_smile: .