Season 3 Practice/Dojo Modes

Oh man - meant to put this in the OP but I forgot since it’s really not that significant:

I would love to have the new soundtrack added to the list of music you can hear in training mode. A lot of those tracks are hype and I want to hear them while I train! :smiley:

That’s a great idea! I listen to the old tracks all the time in practice helps get in a rhythm.

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I’m glad people are keeping the dream alive for better training options!

The big ones to me are still:

  • set AI to reversal out of guard or knockdown: so important for everything
  • be able to watch a short training mode replay with frame step: I wanted to look at Rash’s hitbox after MK wrecking ball -> jump MK, so without this tool I had to use a 60fps capture card and look at the video frame by frame on my desktop computer. There was no real way to understand what was happening without that, but I could do this in training mode with this feature instead. KI already has the frame step mode built in to replays, so seeing it tied to training would be amazing.
  • combo breaker training should just never do enders: I’m beyond it being a toggleable option now, since that requires UI work by the team and I don’t think I would ever want it on anyway. Instead, just turn off enders entirely and just have them do combos until the KV blows out each time.
  • online training: would definitely help a lot of people learn the game

I have 2 big wishes:
A)Online training, more for everyone else than me, but still :wink:
B)Killer Instinct 2 Music to play to. GOD I want this!

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Ability to train on any stage

Ki2 music

Someone anyone other than Jago say the sensei from ki2 (Kim Wu) remember her DP wake up lol


I spent (and spend) more time in practice mode than story mode. Imho, with OP changes implemented it would potentially become my favorite “single” player mode!! Please improve. Been waiting for dojo and trials since 2013.


Oh man… no question, I as well… to the tenth power or so, haha.

Same here I probably went through story maybe 2 or 3 times. But practise all the time. Just put on those classic Killer Cuts and discover that new tech. That and applying it to an actual fight in my opinion is the best part of this game. Not to mention the community. Nice to know that we have a say in the future of this game that we all love. We can all offer up ideas and make it better.

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Online training is infinitely more useful than practice because it allows you to interact with another person. My brother is a decent player but he just doesn’t play that much. When we do fight, I have to try to explain some of the harder concepts too him while the timer counts down and we are in a match and it’s just aggravating. If we could go to an online training room, I could help him really try out some of the things I am talking about in a non-competitive environment. He would get better, which means I could get more practice out of sparring with him.

I can’t stress enough how beneficial online training would be…

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Just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for dropping into this thread to share your ideas and feelings! :thumbsup::muscle:

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I could use an online trainingmode, I really need someone to teach me the finer points. Always been a decent at picking up fighting games casually, knowing the fighting inputs, etc, but not really very good at the strategic part…


All great points brought up in the OP about how to improve and expand on Training & Dojo mode. I think it’s a real shame these changes and additions weren’t put in for S3 launch where there was the biggest influx of new players, but better late then never.

Unless I missed it I don’t think the Dojo has been updated since S1 launch to include new mechanics (ie: Air combo breakers, recapture, flipout, special ender types, ect…)


Thank you for getting the conversation started again on this. Hopefully we see some progress on this. Would be a great addition to the game.

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Thank YOU for pitching in! This thread would just be an OP with out its contributors :smiley:

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Np clearly alot of people all feel the same way on the forums hopefully IG takes note. An online practise mode of any kind would be huge and add that many more layers of depth to the game. I remember when injustice first game out, I used it in that all the time. Just going hours back an forth with a friend working through the move sets. Learning when to use them and how to counter on a live thinking opponent. Priceless for new players and veterans alike.

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For the “Break on Frame” option, it would be nice to have that step up/down in increments of 5, or even increments of 1, but definitely something more granular than its current setting (increments of 10). This would allow more flexibility when practicing counter-breaker combos.

It would also be great if reset position also reset potential damage.

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Interesting to read in @BoJima404’s great new interview with two players from the Japanese scene how much they are interested in online training. I think as a tool for “leveling up” the community it’s a pretty high value proposition. No need to write a bunch of dojo scripts because people will take care of that on their own. Just let people build a lobby with the ability to toggle the practice options and then let the players take care of the rest.

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I almost never bump my own threads - but I am seeing a lot of Dojo Mode/Practice Mode threads/posts in the past week and this thread is pretty far down on the feedback list, so I wanted to make it visible to people who want to post those suggestions/ideas and try to cut down on some of the forum clutter. Sorry mods.

EDIT: Guess I’ll add something constructive to my bump - I think that Online Practice Mode would be the bridge between the folks on @BoJima404 's side of the ocean to share tech and talk shop with the folks in Europe, the Americas, and abroad. I’ve been watching Japanese KI tourneys and those folks are really onto something different with their play style; I think that everyone on all sides would benefit from mutual time spent in training mode sharing techniques and exploring match ups. The is a young game, far from being “solved”, and an international community of lab rats might very well provide us a leap toward the distant skill ceiling.

Oh - and since a lot of the OP contains @Infilament’s suggestions from way back, I feel like this may be a justified bump.

There’s been some very concerted (and very welcome) effort by a pretty dedicated group of folks on this forums to elevate the level of discourse in gameplay beyond “buff this! Nerf that!” Many of these conversations end up with - “hold on, I will get back to you after I lab this up.” These conversations are invariably fantastic and very useful for people like me (who are not “lab monsters”) and I suspect for the huge number of people who read but don’t post.

I really believe that an online practice mode would provide a huge benefit to these efforts and help “level up” the community as a whole. It offers the possibility of making solitary, frame data reading and hit box examining a social activity for people who prefer that environment.

Right now the forums are filled with threads like “tusk is too strong!” “Rashi is too Op” and “Kim Wu is low tier.” Imagine if someone could post a notice in those threads “Kim Wu tech practice lobby, 3pm EDT. Come see player X talk about strategies and get a chance to run few some things with them.”

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I would absolutely love to have the capability to do something like this. I’d block off a few hours of a day and make appointments with players to jump into Practice mode and work things out. I would LOVE to help out budding Hisakos with the basics, and doing it this way would far and wide be better and more efficient for both the trainer and the trainee than having to do this in Exhibition mode.

One could, conceivably, invite the OP of a “NERF X/Y/Z” thread into practice mode and studiously work out the aspects of the match up that inspired the OP to call upon the intervention of the devs. Publically solving these problems would take pressure off of Keits, et. al., to show people that things aren’t as bleak as they seem - their player-base would be doing that for them.

All of the fancy training suite options in the world couldn’t replicate the value that an online training mode would bring to the table.

Now that you mention it - I almost never see a Hisako main posting a “Nerf” or “Buff” thread :wink: :thumbsup: