Season 3 music


Here’s the Komplete version of Arbiter’s theme. Enjoy! :smile:

Note: I don’t own this video. Credit goes to RKosmik.

and here the other one . my favorite so far


Thanks! Hadn’t really listened to it until now. Very good!

Rash’s is my favorite so far. It is up with there with my other favorites now, hearing the KI theme playing in that 8 Bit sound is just amazing lol

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Cant wait for your Kim Wu video :smiley:

Don’t know if anyone has noticed but in the trailer the music is Gargos theme.

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Here’s Kim Wu’s :wink:


After hearing the full dynamic theme for Kim while it wasn’t as all hard rock focused as I thought (since I herd that quite a bit when on my t.v. but that’s the t.v.'s fault) I admit it’s my least favorite of season3 so far.

BUT It’s still better than Sadira’s in my opinion.

Arby and Tusk’s are some of the best!

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I really like AppealToTreasons edits alot more than others.


My renditions:

Uno mas.

I love what they did in the end! :heart:

Is that laugh really in the game!?

It is

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Geez, I see. Those laughs surely creep me out and make me laugh at the same time for some reason…