Season 3 (I'm confused)

Forgive me if I ask a dumb question, but I’m a little confused as to why I don’t see Season 3 listed in the game when I go to Story mode on my PC. I bought the Supreme Edition a while ago, so is there a reason I didn’t get it? I see that Gargos has been added, so that update clearly went through, but where is Season 3?

The Season 3 “story mode” will be the Shadow Lords game mode coming in a few months. It isn’t going to be a ladder climb with cinematics like the previous seasons and is still being developed, hence nothing yet.

And don’t worry bud, I don’t think that qualifies as a stupid question. :grin:

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The story mode for season 3 is called Shadow Lords, and it will be out later this year. We’ll have more on it soon.

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Oooohh, okay. Thanks for clearing that up :grin:

No problem!

Shadow Lords mode is gojng to be Season 3’s Story, but it isn’t part of this update.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing missing, we’re just waiting to find out more information and the release date for Shadow Lords.

Edit: beat to the punch; that’s what I get for taking a phone call mid-post.

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Please, can you tell if we will have a “true” arcade mode or time trial mode with the ability to select every character from every season with color/customization and go for a ladder?
Something like S1 story but extended to all the roster?
Thank you