Season 3 has changed TJ so much

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Hey guys and fellow TJ players. I remember during S2 that how much i kicked ■■■ with him and even managed to get Killer raking for the first time thanks to TJ but now that season 3 has started they changed his core mecanics so much that i can’t play with him correctly no more.

Please write down on the comment for any tips and advice.

Use flip out, it is now his deadliest tool and can lead to reset city. Flip out should be the cornerstone of your offense.


He’s actually very similar to before - the only real nerf he got was the one to roll. Defensively, just start blocking like a normal human being when you get knocked down. Rolling all the time will get you destroyed.


I feel like we should mention he lost the God roll (which I don’t mind) and gained the reversal. Sure, it’s meter dependent, but great to have on wake up.


Alot of my Season 3 TJ tech you can find on the link.

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What changes would you say took away your ability to play the character correctly?

Are you struggling with anything in particular? Some particular kind of situation (neutral, wakeup…?), against some characters in particular, etc? We can only offer vague generalities if you don’t provide enough info.

What i’m struggling is that they changed example tremor that it’s no longer a linker exept for it’s shadow and they gave him those extra one-two punches that i haven’t able to figure a good use for them.
I have been replaying with him and i’ve gotten use to his mechanincs but it’s mostly my trying to play him like his season 2 built. This is what i get for not playing TJ for the whole season 3 and only been maining Tusk & Rash.

PS: I know most of you will hate me about this but i’m using Combo Assist to aid me during fighting because for the love of me i can’t do linkers on my own.

*shrug * Nah, nothing wrong with using combo assist. That’s what it’s there for :thumbsup:


but don’t you use roll to dogde projectiles?

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Well, this is quite the necro… :joy:

Yes, roll still goes through projectiles. My post was originally in the context of how many TJ’s were complaining about them removing the other invulnerabilities from roll. It was a big todo early in S3.

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